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James Andrew aboard the Windsurf

James Andrew aboard the Windsurf

Our voyage begins!

Of course I’ve had transatlantic voyage fantasies about a trip aboard the QE2 or say, the SS Rotterdam – which was featured in Wallpaper Magazine in all of her ’50s fabulousness some time ago (you can now find her decommissioned and converted to a hotel in Rotterdam). That being said, I’d never actually been on a cruise, and as you might imagine, I was rather thrilled when Scott Mcbee booked passage onboard the Windsurf for a sail with two other friends through the French Antilles.

The Windstar line's Windsurf.

The Windstar line’s Windsurf.

One should always bring one’s own brand of chic wherever one goes – and this extends not only to one’s fashion sense, but to the people one surrounds oneself and beyond! Cruises like this do tend to attract an older and perhaps quieter group of people – so it was quite nice to have some fun friends to be with.

We boarded the ship in St Maarten and had a lot of time to explore and get a good feel for the yacht. The decoration is perfectly tasteful, complete with lovely port-holed staterooms that hearken back to an earlier time. There is a massive amount of deck space to enjoy as well – we actually spent very little time in our quarters so one doesn’t absolutely need a balconied room.

Aboard Windsurf.

Aboard Windsurf.

Setting sail was a grand affair, with music to accompany the unfurling. Soon we were dressed for dinner, but some pre-dinner martinis certainly added to the festive mood. There are three restaurants on board the Windsurf to provide a welcome variety of dining experiences. And I can tell you that the food was absolutely delicious, and there was a wonderful selection of wines to wash it all down. Our first port of call was Barbuda which is known for its pretty pink sand beaches – it was quite the destination in the jet-set 60s and 70s – but sadly, due to some rather choppy seas, it was impossible to launch the tenders for guests to make land. But no matter, we settled in just fine on board and enjoyed a day of sunning, endless glasses of rosé, and the luxury of doing absolutely nothing!

Our next stop: Dominica. Stay tuned!

I’m photographed here with beautiful Barbuda in the distance just before the evening’s cocktail hour. I’m sporting a (vintage) madras plaid jacket, Balenciaga chambray banded color shirt, Burberry navy ikat print pain, Max Verre denim tasseled loafers, woven cotton belt by Adriano Meneghetti, pocket square in red linen from Bergdorf Goodmen Mens, my fragrance is Tom Ford’s Mandarino di Amalfi providing the perfect olfactory compliment to my ensemble.

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