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Park Avenue Summer

James Andrew at Park Avenue Summer - photo Lars Stephan

James Andrew at Park Avenue Summer - photo Lars Stephan

We here at WIJW have a passion for elevated living, and delight in bringing you our very best finds. Perhaps this is why our recent lunch at Park Avenue Summer has us so aglow.

Park Avenue takes things a step further than most – not only do they tailor their excellent cuisine to each season, but they elegantly transform their interior space as well, creating that total sensory experience WIJW talks about so much!

With a nod to the travels of the famous eighteenth century explorer Captain James Cook, each season’s Park Avenue design loosely references one of Cook’s expeditions. The current Park Avenue Summer is inspired by the Galapagos, with a classic, naturalist vibe while still maintaining a modernist sensibility – white cast tortoise shells hang on gorgeous lacquered panels, salvaged wood with hints of white paint recall summers spent at a treasured seaside destination – the effect provides a cooling escape from the city heat.

Cuisine at Park Avenue

Cuisine at Park Avenue

Their esteemed master chef Craig Koketsu has created a refreshing summer table, with a selection of what one craves this time of year – lobster, summer corn, tomatoes… – the freshest and best that this season has to offer, all exquisitely and inspiringly reinterpreted.

I hope this is not too cruel, but I simply have to describe our fantastic luncheon – we began with a scrumptious selection of appetizers – salmon tartar, prosciutto and melon, a sublime butter and sugar corn soup, and crisp artichokes, followed by, and this is no exaggeration, the best lobster salad we have ever had – a lovely rosé to wet the palate – and a tasting of a variety of the most perfect seasonal deserts punctuated the afternoon.

Park Avenue Summer is a true culinary and visual adventure.

Just as I enjoy the change in seasons, with all the possibility that each new designer collection brings, I look forward to Park Avenue Autumns’s offerings this September. I’ll be sure to bring you a glimpse of this remarkable restaurant and its new interior incarnation then!

Located on Park Avenue at 63rd Street, I find it quick and easy to pop in for a gorgeous lunch or dinner. Here in the stunning dining room, I’m wearing a chartreuse suede safari jacket by Gucci, white cotton voile safari shirt, silver chain link belt, python loafers all by Gucci, and bright yellow jeans by Cassette.