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Fantastic Reproductions

When I can’t find the right antique for a client or when I need a matching companion to a piece, I turn to a select group of artisans like those at the Italian company Pozzoli represented at the Roubini showroom in New York City. They have been in business for over 100 years making fantastic reproductions of period antiques using traditional 18th century methods.

I am especially fond of this wonderful console – with its chalky white finish, carved palm leaf detail, lions paw feet with and antiqued marble top, it would be hard pressed to tell this from an antique original. I love this side chair as well – a Louis XVI style chair that has been modified to give it a more luxurious modernist feel. You may see a pair of these consoles in one of my upcoming interiors and perhaps a few of these chairs around a dining table.

I am wearing a mix of black and brown – black cashmere topcoat by Gucci, a heavy knit brown wool sweater with button front and epalets, Russian floral print brown and black silk/cotton shirt by Gucci, Michael Kors cashmere thermal weave undershirt, black wool flannel pant by Gucci, brown leather “Chelsea” boots by Gucci, brown suede gloves by Sermoneta and a document folder by Louis Vuitton.