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Inside Tangier: Houses & Gardens

The release of my brilliant friend Nicolò Castellini Baldissera’s tremendous tome, Inside Tangier: Houses & Gardens, could not have been timed more perfectly. As you know, McBee and I have just gotten back from a most terrific holiday in Tangier, and I’m happy to see that our posts and Instagram images have been creating some buzz and excitement about this enchanted place. Now that we’ve perhaps wet your appetite, we beseech you to sink your teeth into Baldissera’s new book! We’ve included some of Guido Taroni’s spectacular photos below. You’ll find many many more when you add this sumptuous book to your library!

Inside Tangier – Dar Zero
Inside Tangier – Dar Zero
Inside Tangier – Dar Zero
Inside Tangier – Villa Mabrouka – Yves-Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge
Inside Tangier – Villa Mabrouka – Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge
Inside Tangier – Gazebo Veere Grenney
Tebarek Allah – Umberto Pasti and Stephan Janson
Inside Tangier – Casa Tosca – Nicolo Castellini Baldissera
Inside Tangier – Cliff House – Madison Cox

We’ve mentioned here on WIJW that much of the real splendor of Tangier exists behind closed doors – hidden to all but those who reside there and a rather select inner circle – so we consider ourselves extremely blessed to have exquisite friends like Monica di Valmarana and her husband Richard Conahay who have helped to open many of those doors for us. Now, thanks to the efforts of the super chic and multi-talented Nicolo Castellini Baldissera and the superb photographer, Guido Taroni, everyone can tour some of the most glorious, exclusive, and dreamy Tangier homes. The book is absolutely stunning. Click here to pick up your copy of Inside Tangier: Houses & Gardens. It’s a must have!

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