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A Palm Beach selfie.

A Palm Beach selfie.

The Palm Beach area is where I spent the bulk of my time on my recent Florida expedition. I have a wonderful collection of friends there and I am quite sentimental about it all. I think a lot of those feelings are based on my early visits in the 70′s. Palm Beach was a very different place in those day – it was a bit more the way Lyford feels today—a bastian of old-world manners, charm, and politesse—a place where people cared enough to get properly dressed for dinner and parties. It has changed quite a bit now, though there are indeed a select few who still bask in the chic that was once Palm Beach. Whatever the case may be, I do believe one needs to bring one’s own brand of chic WHEREVER one might go. Needless to say, when I go to Palm Beach I certainly dress for dinner or, say, a stroll down Worth Avenue.

I often wonder if I were to spend more of my life in Florida, where would it be? Despite all of the change, there is still so much I adore about Palm Beach, and the idea of splitting my time between New York and Florida is becoming more appealing! I guess we shall see how these thoughts unfold.

While pondering questions like these, I took this selfie on a friend’s Palm Beach terrace. I’m sporting a Tom Ford pale blue oxford shirt with contrast white collar and cuffs, pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, vintage Rolex, Tom Ford glasses and my fragrance is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

* * *


James Andrew - Scott McBee's new maisonnette

James Andrew – Scott McBee’s new maisonnette

It’s official! After a great deal of searching, we’ve found Scott McBee a marvelous maisonette to act as home, studio and personal gallery. I have to admit, it was great fun acting as his real estate adviser. His actual realtor was thrilled to be spared the time and effort since I was able to envision what was needed and quickly recognize a space that had the right potential – i.e., an undervalued jewel box, with great space and light. Maisonettes here in town are generally worth looking at — spaces that often feel more like a house than an apartment, and that can have higher than usual ceilings (McBee’s maisonette, for instance, has quite substantial twelve foot ceilings).

The space is in relatively good condition, but you can be sure we’ll be taking it to that James Andrew Interior Design level. For McBee’s space, I’m planning to incorporate many Parish-Hadley style details in a transitional interpretation of pre-war elegance. What a magnificent backdrop this will become to showcase McBee’s fine art.

We have been rather busy with the whole design process and look forward to sharing a few tidbits along the way, while reserving the finished project for our editor friends to publish.

Do stay tuned!

In any case, we’re off to Florida this weekend to see old clients (and meet a few new ones). We’ll be dashing between Palm Beach and Miami, but I’ll be sure and share a few Instagramable moments until we get back and can give you the full WIJW story.

For today’s shot, I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci chartreuse suede safari jacket, purple cashmere turtleneck sweater, Tom Ford slate cashmere flannel pants , Tom Ford era Gucci ” Belgian” style black suede slippers, vintage Rolex, and my fragrance is Tom Ford “London.”

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James Andrew at the Chinese Porcelain Company

James Andrew at the Chinese Porcelain Company

It is that time again to celebrate ASIA Week. Now in its sixth year, Asia Week New York continues its tradition, unveiling a spectacular treasure trove of superlative Asian works of art at exhibitions throughout Manhattan galleries. The fun commences Friday, March 14 and runs through Saturday, March 22, 2014. Asia Week New York exhibitions are open and free to the public.

As you may know, Asian art has always been a favorite of mine. I love how it integrates so seamlessly with almost any design idiom. In the past, I’ve paired Japanese pieces with American Mission and Arts and Crafts, and I’ve successfully coupled modern Chinese Ink drawings with French Louis XVI pieces as well — the possibilities are always exciting. It’s no wonder that in almost every country around the world one can find interiors and architecture that have been influenced by Asian art.

It should be noted that one of this year’s Asia Week NY sponsors is the most sublime Amanresorts – who certainly know a thing or two about capturing the essence of place!

Our super chic friends at the stunning Chinese Porcelain Company (you’ll recall Scott McBee’s fine ocean liner paintings represented there) had us over for a special sneak peak of a few of the works they are highlighting for Asia Week. Their offering includes Chinese contemporary ink paintings – in particular, two marvelous and monumental works by Zhao Xu entitled Lotus Pod I and Lotus Pod II (flanking me in the photo at top) as well a group of ancient Chinese ceramics. It’s a stellar presentation of ancient and contemporary art.

Do make a point to line up gallery visits and see how you might be able to incorporate some of these treasures into your own interiors.

I’m pictured at the Chinese Porcelain Company (looking a bit “Amercian Hustle” I’m afraid) – perhaps a hair cut and shave are in order! I’m sporting a Tom Ford camel hair silk cashmere jacket with suede elbow patches and accents, lavender striped cotton shirt, purple wool knit tie, purple and lavender dot silk pocket square, brown leather belt with rose gold buckle and brown leather tasseled loafers, Gucci brown and purple cotton/wool check pant and sun glasses, vintage Rolex, moon stone cuff links, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Tuscan Leather.