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WIJW sets sail. Illustration by Scott Mcbee

WIJW sets sail. Illustration by Scott Mcbee

A classic antidote to the winter blues, WIJW is off on a Caribbean cruise! Kicking off a brilliant 2017, our very own Scott Mcbee has booked us for some restorative fun and sun – among the stops will be the islands of St. Marten, Barbuda, Dominica, St Lucia, F.W.I., St Kitts, St Barthelemy, etc. Needless to say we’re pretty exited.

As you know Scott McBee is a renowned ocean liner and yacht portraitist, so it won’t surprise you that he’s pretty particular when it comes to ocean travel – which is why he’s chosen Windstar’s “Windsurf.” According to McBee, travel with them should feel more like sailing (it actually has five 221ft masts) on a large but intimate private yacht. Bucking the cattle car trend on some of the awful sounding floating high-rise cruise lines, Windstar raises the bar – for instance men are required to wear a jacket to dinner (be still my beating heart!). All harkens back to a more elegant age of ocean travel.

I trust we’ll create some iconic images for our WIJW readership so stay tuned! In the meantime we’ll be posting little teaser photos on Instagram (user: james_andrew) for those who wish to come along!

Well, I must dash – time to sort out my traveling wardrobe!


  1. Oh what fun!
    My husband Adam’s mother took us years ago……(1984..I cannot subtract)! On a small boat…17 of us…..(there were 100 guests….150 in crew….very civilized)
    We sailed from Rome……to Athens…..along the coast of Italy, Sicily…through the Corinthian Canal…Greek islands….ending up in Athens.
    Ages….7 to 80. (17 of us!) What a thrill. This was black tie every night…..(a jacket now is just lovely!) None of us….even the littlest….will ever forget it!

    Have a ball!!! We are all on tenterhooks waiting for the pictures!


    ps I told the dogs you were coming to visit…..they are thrilled…..

  2. James Andrew says:

    Darling Penelope Bianchi

    How very marvelous!!!

    You will have to tell us more about it and photos please -especially for Mr McB- do you remember the name of the ship btw ?

    Our little voyage was rather subilme – a sailing yacht – only 300 guests – had the feeling of a large yacht – we sailed through mostly the French Antilles.

    Stay tuned first post up on Monday!

    Please send kisses to ALL your creatures from Me and Mr McB

    All My Love


  3. It was called The Sea Goddess! I think it is still a ship…different name!

    I will find photos…..and will have to scan them or whateveritismyassistantcandothaticannot!

    My dogs are expecting you!!! Both!! pictures coming!!!



  4. Yikes! I missed the illustration……HOW??

    Mr. McBee not only knows how to paint incredible huge paintings chic beyond…and talk to dogs to make them pose perfectly…….are you kidding? that illustration???



  5. James Andrew says:

    Darling Penelope Bianchi

    I cannot wait to see your photos!

    Mr McB is such a talent!

    We can’t wait to see you all!

    Much Love


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