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James Andrew. photo Boris Glamocanin

James Andrew. photo Boris Glamocanin

Apart from my design work, WIJW? has certainly provided me with a superb creative outlet for many years, and I still thoroughly enjoy putting together these pieces. As a young man I was mesmerized by the great creatives: Cecil Beaton for instance, also Slim Aaron – his beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes in beautiful settings, and let’s not forget Bruce Weber’s photographs in GQ in the late 1970’s: his work was nearly a religious revelation for me! So now I often have fun referencing the photographic brilliance of many of these legends, and to this end I’ve had quite a few collaborations with artists and muses alike. Often we set off to do one thing and end up with something completely new. The idea for an image may begin with a single garment from my rather extensive collection. Other times a particularly spectacular place informs and inspires me. To bring these ideas to fruition, I’ll confer with my photographer friends and we’ll develop a plan.

For today’s post I collaborated with my exquisite friend, artist Boris Glamocanin who never fails to bring an elegant edge and singular sensuality to what he does. We referenced some photos that I had worked on with Boris previously to inspire us, and he imbued things with a luxurious and louche spirit. I think it is the most perfect way to showcase this sensational Tom Ford silk ikat dressing gown paired with velvet ikat slippers.

Boris and I have been putting our heads together, and we’re planning another special little something in the near future – so stay tuned!

Do consider Boris for all of your super-fabulous photographic needs.


I am thrilled to share fellow interior designer and blogger P. Gaye Tapp’s tremendous Rizzoli tome, How They Decorated: Inspiration from Great Women of the Twentieth Century. It was so entirely captivating, I simply could not put it down. I read the entire book in one sitting!

Elsa Schiaparelli Paris  Apartment – Goodman

Elsa Schiaparelli Paris Apartment – Goodman

Like her blog Little Augury, Tapp’s book is a celebration of many of the most epic style makers and icons of the 20th century, with a focus on interior design and decoration. The maverick women included within these glorious pages were not content to slavishly follow the trends of the day, preferring instead to realize their own unique, all-inclusive visions. It is always inspiring to take a look back to another time, when people created beautiful and considered settings in which to enjoy the good life (replete with equally fabulous clothes, and spectacular collections of course!).

Babe Paley, WIlliam P. Steel, Sister Parish Design

Babe Paley, WIlliam P. Steel, Sister Parish Design

I love the quotation from Gloria Vanderbilt that Tapp shares: “Decorating is autobiography.” It brings to mind the many times my mentor Albert Hadley would refer to decoration as a scrapbook. Truly Tapp’s women were highly developed aesthetes,and their homes were and expression of their lives and elevated connoisseurship.

From How They Decorate...

From How they Decorate…

I’m certain you’ll enjoy this super chic collection of women – Evangeline Bruce, Mona von Bismark, Pauline de Rothschild, Babe Pale, Bunny Mellon to name a few. How They Decorated: Inspiration from Great Women of the Twentieth Century is certain to delight and inform – and perhaps encourage one’s own design aspirations.

A must read – put it on your reading list!


Dressed for dinner at Taormina

Dressed for dinner at Taormina

Our sublime Sicilian adventure ended all too soon….

After Noto we stopped in Catania for a private tour of Palazzo Biscari and some general sightseeing. Then on to our final destination, Taormina, where the legendary Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo welcomed us.

Perched atop the hills of Taormina, the hotel offers stunning views of Mount Etna and the Sicilian coast. With only one day to bask in the beauty and luxury of the Hotel Timeo we actually barely left the property (apart from a 2 minute walk to a lovely ancient Greek theater).

Greek theater near Taormina

Greek theater near Taormina

We enjoyed cocktails at the hotel while being blessed with the most sensational sunset. The cuisine was beyond divine – and our wine sommelier shared with us wonderful and unusual Sicilian wines paired with each course. All the meals were served al fresco on a beautiful terrace, and the memory of the glimmering lights dotting the Sicilian coast at dinner, remains emblazoned in my mind.

Mount Etna and the Sicilian coast from Taormina

Mount Etna and the Sicilian coast from Taormina

It goes without saying that there is still so much of Sicily for us to discover, and we will simply have to return.

En route back to New York we were hosted by Palazzo Dama in Rome, which provided a brilliant base of operation for two days in Rome. After a superb luncheon poolside we went for a bit of a stroll. Rome is perfect for strolls, with stunning sights and a deep sense of its history at every turn.

James Andrew - Dressed for dinner at Piazza del Popolo.

James Andrew – Piazza del Popolo.

We had dinner at the renowned Dal Bolognese. It’s really a Roman institution, serving an elegant take on classic Italian cuisine.

On our last day we went to check out the flea market which was quite disappointing, but a wonderful luncheon offered a perfect way to forget the experience. Then a bit further afield, we visited the iconic Hadrien’s Villa (Hadrien’s tribute to his young lost lover Antinous who died in Egypt) which McBee and I were eager to see – needless to say, there’s a reason that it’s featured in so many design and architecture books!

James Andrew at Hadrian's VIlla

James Andrew at Hadrian’s VIlla

We treated ourselves to a farewell dinner at Pier Luigi, another favorite of ours. In operation since 1938 it has been a classic old-school haunt for the chic set. Located at the edge of a handsome piazza in the heart of Rome, dining al fresco there is indeed a treat.

For our farewell dinner in Taormina (top) I am sporting a Tom Ford linen and silk floral dinner jacket, pink and white cotton check shirt, Cartier Tank Divan watch, KJP woven white cotton belt, Tom Ford fuscia and ivory silk pocket square, ikat velvet slippers, Uniqlo white jeans, and my fragrance Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

And for our farewell dinner in Rome, I’m photographed in the Piazza del Popolo, wearing a Tom Ford linen and silk floral dinner jacket, white cotton shirt with French cuffs, shocking pink silk pocket square, velvet ikat slippers, Seaman Schepps shell and pink tourmaline cufflinks, Cartier Tank Divan, Dior shocking pink jeans, and my fragrance is Mandarino di Amalfi

Note how I wore only one dinner jacket throughout the trip. It’s always good idea to pack things that are versatile: I paired it with black linen pants, white jeans, and shocking pink jeans as well – a trifecta of different looks!