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October, 2013:


tom-scheerer decorates

I recently procured a copy of Tom Scheerer Decorates. With well chosen words and lavish images, this substantial tome showcases Scheerer’s refreshingly restrained, “no nonsense” brand of chic. It’s an indispensable all-access look, displaying Scheerer’s genius for unique design solutions throughout.

Scheerer brings a distinctly American quality to his work — a lack of pretense, with clean colors and an elegant yet comfortable simplicity. Certainly there are hints of Billy Baldwin. There is some Hicks and Hadley there too—all of which resonates with me personally. He’s applied this approach to some of my favorite interiors—from his own beloved sweet rustic cottage on Harbor Island, to an elaborate and rather stately coral stone house in Florida. In fact, I’ve experienced several of Scheerer’s projects in person; particularly his work at the Lyford Cay Club never fails to make my heart skip a beat.

Lyford Cay Club

Lyford Cay Club

At a recent dinner at the Colony Club (given in Scheerer’s honor and to celebrate this new book), our mutual friend, the very elegant Amanda Lindroth – who was instrumental in bringing Scheerer to Lyford – toasted him, proclaiming that Scheerer’s work for the Lyford Cay Club raised the bar for all private clubs. We whole-heartedly agree!

Do pick up your copy of Tom Scheerer Decorates—it is sure to sooth and inspire — it already holds a special place in my own reference library. You can find your copy on Amazon here: Tom Scheerer Decorates

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James Andrew

James Andrew

The notion of working on the weekend may seem like drudgery to some, but I love what I do, weekend or not. In fact, as a creative person, one is actually “working” all the time…and it’s no accident, this happy state of affairs for me. It’s a reality I’ve always imagined for myself! The idea here is to bring vocation that much closer to vacation until the two are virtually indistinguishable. All this being said, a big part of what I do involves knowing what is out there—doing the footwork, and bring the best of what I’ve found to my clients.

With my weekdays busy decorating for clients, creating content for WIJW, and attending the many social obligations one inevitably has as a New Yorker, it’s almost impossible to do and see all that one would like. Thankfully I look to the weekends for time to catch up, and this weekend I treated myself to an exquisite exhibition, The Art of Tôle, Flowers, Fruit, and Buzzing Insects by Carmen Almon at The Chinese Porcelain Co. in NYC.

Pink Peony - Carmen Almon

Pink Peony – Carmen Almon

I was introduced to Almon’s stunning sheet metal, brass, and oil-painted sculptures through my friend (and magnificent aesthete) Howard Slatkin who has been a major advocate of Almon’s work.

Almon’s early botanical watercolors caught the eye of style icon socialite/swan, Deeda Blair, who subsequently had Almon restore some of her antique tôle pieces—a serendipitous meeting of artist with medium (and patron!) that has had lasting effects.

It’s a bit hard to describe these pieces (and I’m afraid these pictures fall far short of doing them justice) – there’s certainly a recollection of the attention to detail that one might find in the work of 17/18th c. botanists and entomologists, but along with the added (and surprising) dimensionality, Almon brings to her pieces a sense of intimacy and a palpable sense of the temporal/ephemeral quality of the natural world. It’s the most elegant fusing of multi-disciplines that make Almon’s pieces at once painterly, and yet sculptural…and all is realized with the most delicate sense of coloration. Our friend, Slatkin, puts it quite well when he references Joel A. Rosenthal’s celebrated jewelry in an effort to describe Almon’s beautiful work.

Pineapples - Carmen Armon

Pineapples – Carmen Armon

The exhibition ends November 1st so do make a point to visit the Chinese Porcelain Co at 475 Park Avenue New York —and while you are there be sure and take a look at Scott McBee’s stunning ocean liner and yacht paintings.

Dressed for a working weekend I am sporting a vintage Loden Frey cape, Eddie Bauer bright chartreuse slim fitting down jacket,Tom Ford era Gucci purple feather weight cashmere turtleneck sweater, Uniqlo jeans, YSL augergine suede “Eton” boot, Hildestahl “Valfrid” leather tote, Tom Ford “Nicolo” sunglasses, Rolex watch and my fragrance is Creed Bois du Portugal.

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James Andrew - photo Scott Mcbee

James Andrew – photo Scott Mcbee

We’ve touched on the idea of interior designer as real estate advisor before, and I’m at it again for my beloved Scott McBee who has recently sold his apartment.

Beyond my expertise as an interior designer, I’ve done countless gut renovations as well as complete home constructions with my clients—and my many years of experience has given me a substantial working knowledge of all that is entailed. I always work to make a space comfortable and livable as well as to give it the sort of flair and elegance that will not only satisfy the present, but that will give a home solid investment potential down the road. I’m currently sifting through listings and floor plans with McBee to find what is worth our while to actually see, and consequently I’m saving all those involved time and effort.

I’m photographed here, taking a break to explore a lovely little park on Sutton Place before continuing on to see a few potential apartments—For McBee, we’re looking for a multifaceted place that will be home, studio, and gallery—a magnificent place to work, create, and entertain….I look forward to sharing as our quest unfolds!

I’m sporting a Tom Ford charcoal wool and silk tweed jacket with brown suede elbow patches, grey and black windowpane plaid cotton shirt, a houndstooth wool and cashmere tie in teal and charcoal, teal and navy silk pocket square, teal cotton corduroy pants, Tom ford era Gucci black leather tasseled loafers, black leather tote, antique Scottish agate cuff links, Rolex, black alligator belt with sterling buckle, Dior aviator style sunglasses, and my fragrance is Creed Royal-Oud.