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Farrow & Ball


Taking a pre-dinner stroll to find inspiration in the fabulous Bermudian architecture, I found myself on the grounds of the “Tankfield” estate. A wonderfully elegant home, it was considered the most fabulous house in Bermuda when it was built in the early 1700’s. Its stair case embraces visitors as they ascend to the grand entrance, (in fact this sort of staircase is known as a “welcoming arms.” The beautifully balanced facade is inspired by classical Georgian architecture. The shutters and doors are painted a green black – quite reminiscent of Farrow and Balls‘ “Studio Green” and is a typical color used in Bermuda.


Traditional roofs are rather sophisticated – a stepped design collects and funnels rain water to holding tanks, and the roofs are lime-washed to purify the water and then painted white to reflect the scorching sun.

I always feel so enriched by my global adventures and house tours, and take a away a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to put to good use in future projects.

Dressed in typical Bermudian gentleman’s dinner attire, I’m doing a shorts and jacket look- (minus the black knee socks!). Jacket is Gucci white linen, purple shorts are H & M, Gucci white turquoise and purple plaid linen shirt, turquoise silk pocket square by Charvet Paris, silver chain link belt and white leather loafers also by Gucci.

The Coral Beach Club

A trip to Bermuda is not complete without a gorgeous lunch at the creme de la creme of beach clubs, the Coral Beach Club.

Having changed very little since its 1948 incarnation, the Coral Beach is a wonderfully well preserved piece of a bygone era – a membership, let alone an invite, is indeed a major achievement!

Dining on the terrace of the Coral Beach club offers breathtaking views of the pinkish coral sand and turquoise sea – the perfect setting to enjoy the delectable menu of local Bermuda specialties like fish soup with rum and cherry pepper vinegar or a “dark and stormy,” (a mischievous concoction of Barritts ginger beer and Gosling’s black rum with a generous wedge of lime!).


I’m pictured here at the terrace of Coral Beach, with an excellent example of an archetypal Bermuda roof and chimney, and of course the ever-present and always hypnotic sea beyond. The wall color reminds me of Farrow and Ball’s “smoked trout” and is indicative of the blend of island and colonial sensibility that typifies the unique Bermuda style.

Admiring the beauty of this magnificent place I’m wearing a Gucci white cotton voile safari shirt, Club Monaco purple and white cotton seersucker shorts, Ralph Lauren purple alligator belt with sterling buckle, ivory leather Gucci loafers and sunglasses by Gucci.