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I. M. Pei

On the Foundation of Necessity

I M Pei designed this lovely portico in a fabulous complex of international style buildings for one of his first residential projects. Pei believes architecture should be “a pragmatic art… built on a foundation of necessity,” and as such he has often incorporated very dramatic porticoes that run the length of his buildings. They create a wonderful exaggerated perspective, add interest to a facade, and, beyond the purely aesthetic qualities, they provide a very practical naturally illuminated (during the day) walkway that protects one from the occasional extremes of weather – Thank you Mr. Pei!

Enjoying this brilliant masterpiece, I am wearing a Mackintosh Scotland brown cotton corduroy down vest with an orange lining, a Gucci brown wool heavy knit sweater with button front, a Michael Kors cashmere thermal undershirt, Gucci plum silk paisley scarf, Diesel plum skinny jeans, Gucci brown suede cap toe shoes, and Sermoneta brown suede gloves.