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December, 2015:


James Andrew - by Scott McBee

James Andrew – by Scott McBee

New Years and birthdays bring up many of the same feelings for me. They’re both milestones that give one pause to reflect on the past year, the passage of one’s life and indeed of the planet as a whole — one takes stock of the past year’s low points, non-starters, and the victories as well. In the process one shouldn’t get too caught up in what manifested and what didn’t. Perhaps it’s simply time to try a different approach. Courage is the name of the game. The fact is, we really hardly ever learn a thing when everything is roses! To the contrary, the wisest, strongest, and most successful people I know have had difficulties and failures in life and yet have developed ways to thrive despite (or because of!) them. Re-focus on what you want and get excited. Don’t be so afraid to stumble in 2016. Try something new. Whatever happens, you have a chance to realize how amazing you really are. Possibilities abound! We here at WIJW are eternally grateful for all the tremendous love and support, and wish you all the very best for the New Year!

This ravishing collage/painting portrait of me (above) as Sargeant’s Dr. Pozzi with added Borzois was one of my Xmas presents from the impossibly talented Scott McBee. I think it captures me and really my whole outlook and aesthetic approach quite well don’t you think?!


James Andrew Season's Greetings

James Andrew Season’s Greetings

✦ ✦ ✦

We can barely believe that the holiday season is already upon us, and 2016 is nigh!

What a roller coaster it’s been this past year. A lot of ups and some downs — and one can always expect quite of few of those. When things aren’t going that well, though, sometimes the simple act of letting go will allow for unexpected delights. Realities can change so quickly! Case in point: some time back I spotted the suit I’m wearing (above) at Ralph Lauren and was absolutely smitten (yes, my usual Duke of Windsor fantasies!). I simply had to have it, but alas, I did not have the resources to splurge. I was very reluctantly forced to let go of the idea. But as you might have surmised, the story didn’t end there. Some time passed, and this year the self same suit was made available to me at an outrageously discounted and affordable price. Voila, my Windsor wishes were realized! The point is, things don’t always happen on our timeline – delays don’t necessarily mean denials. We can let go a little bit (getting a suit is not a life or death scenario after all, even if one IS a confirmed dandy!). Better opportunities can and often WILL present themselves! Stay open to possibilities.

Today we are sending all of our gorgeous WIJW readers Wonderful Holiday Wishes with lots of love and light!

Be sure to follow me on the James Andrew Instagram feed. I’ll be sharing my musings on some last minute gift ideas from cheap and chic to the higher end of the spectrum!

En route to a fabulous xmas fêtes I’m sporting this ravishing Ralph Lauren Purple Label cashmere/wool tartan suit (no doubt inspired by the Duke of Windsor’s tartan evening suit), Tom Ford white cotton shirt with French cuffs and black silk tie, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links, Charvet black silk pocket square, Tom Ford black and saddle leather loafers, Creed Windsor fragrance, and Tom Ford Bronzing Gel for a healthy glow.

✦ ✦ ✦


James Andrew at the Met

James Andrew at the Met

When Scott McBee and I returned from Portugal the New York Season was already in full swing, so we wasted no time securing our tickets to Puccini’s Chinoiserie confection, Turandot. It’s one of the remaining productions designed by Franco Zeffirelli, and as expected it was an absolute dream!

Going to the opera is a special thing; musicians, and all the staff at the MET are dressed in formal attire. Which begs the question: why should’t all the patrons and attendees be dressed in anything less? Mcbee and I dressed in black tie of course, but we were appalled to see that less than 10% of the men atteneding wore black tie (women on the whole, were dressed quite nicely – thank you ladies). We’ve ranted about this in the past (see: Dress Code Please) It was all jeans, shorts etc., that time — as if folks were going to the local cineplex. We just can’t say it enough — this is simply unacceptable — the Met should have higher standards, and this should apply to all of the performing arts venues, as well as fine restaurants!

(detail) James Andrew at the Met

(detail) James Andrew at the Met

I’ve been accused of being an elitist, but we’re not talking about some sort of slavish adherence to traditions of the past. Our point is more about dressing appropriately to celebrate an elevated event, and having enough respect for ourselves and others to make some modicum of effort! Furthermore. as you know, we here at WIJW are even open to interesting variations on the theme. At the opening gala for example, we were rather taken by Miguel Angel Guzman and his ravishing ensemble: an elegant interpretation of the Kimono – it was perfectly appropriate AND alternative. Bravo!

Miguel Angel Guzman - Photo by Rose Callahan for lastnightatthemet.com

Miguel Angel Guzman – Photo by Rose Callahan for lastnightatthemet.com

There was a lovely young lady dressed in a vintage 1950’s ensemble — also quite stunning. It doesn’t have to be Tom Ford to be fabulous. In any case, I really do wish the Met would get on board with this, and start to require guests to dress appropriately.

To celebrate this amazing evening, (top) I’m sporting a Tom Ford chartreuse silk velvet dinner jacket, tuxedo pants, black silk faille bow tie, black and ivory silk pocket square and Tom Ford era Gucci white cotton voile ruffle and lace trimmed tuxedo shirt, a diamond evening set by M. de Phocas, Paul Stuart black silk evening hose, Creed Imperial Millesime fragrance, and a bit of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel to add a sun-kissed glow.

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