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Amy Perlin Antiques

Ideal Beauty

I have always loved sculptures and busts of gods, athletes, and stately animals, especially works from the 30s and 40s. The monumental statues that Mussolini commissioned are wonderful examples of this hybrid of the idealism of antiquity and the experimental modernist movements of the day. It is no surprise that at a recent visit to Amy Perlin Antiques I was so taken with this plaster sculpture of a seated athlete by the artist Nathaniel Choate in Italy circia 1930-40. I would place this statue on a cube or rectangular block of travertine to emphasise its power and solitary beauty.

Seated next to Choate’s work, and striking a similar mood, I am wearing an ivory widwale corduroy jacket by Gucci, a Tom Ford shirt in black and white cotton stripes, vintage moon stone cufflinks from Ralph Lauren, a chartreuse silk pocket square Turnbull and Asser, Diesel black skinny jeans, a green python belt with silver double horsehead buckle by Gucci, and black leather tassled Gucci loafers.