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July, 2010:

WIJW Biennial!


It’s hard to believe, but we’re already celebrating the WIJW Biennial!

Time does seem to slip by at a dizzying rate – but after looking at the great breadth and mass of stories we’ve produced over the past two years, time suddenly telescopes in the opposite direction, making it feel like ages ago that we first ventured tentatively into the blogosphere. A funny sensation really.

Of course, while we at WIJW have a healthy respect and appreciation for what has come before, our thoughts do tend to gravitate towards what is still to come, and I’m thrilled to tell you we’re well beyond the planning stage on some truly grand near future stories. A heartfelt thanks go to all of our WIJW subscribers for their enthusiasm and support and for joining us each day in our sustained effort to become a better and more spectacular version of ourselves!

La Dolce Vita

James Andrew at La Posta Vecchia.

James Andrew at La Posta Vecchia.

Alas, we’ve reached the end of our Italian holiday, but I’m so glad to have been able to capture some of its essence and serve it here at WIJW – and we’d be pleased to think that it has provided you with a cooling dose of escapism during these occasionally oppressive summer days.

WIJW has opened so many doors for me. It’s been a constant catalyst to explore and actualize many of my dreams, and it is my hope that WIJW readers will find themselves inspired to create some rather fantastic realities for themselves as well. At the very least we do try to be informative and hopefully entertaining!

So here’s to the good life and the continued unfolding of more life affirming over-the-top fabulousness!

Celebrating our last evening in Italy, I’m pictured (top) on a pre-dinner stroll around the grounds of the magnificent La Posta Vecchia wearing a white cotton pique suit by Gucci, Tom Ford midnight cotton dotted herringbone print shirt, silver chain link belt and navy suede loafers both by Gucci, Cartier “Tank Divan” from Raj Tolaram and my fragrance is Creed Zeste Madarine Pamplemousse.

La Posta Vecchia

La Posta Vecchia.

La Posta Vecchia.

Not wanting to lose the composure we had gained during our blissful stay at Le Sirenuse, we opted to spend our last night closer to the Rome airport rather than leave Positano in a pre-dawn frenzy. I’d always been curious to explore the hotel La Posta Vecchia and it’s located on the Tyrrenean sea just thirty minutes from the airport, so it promised to be an ideal and relaxed way to return home.

La Posta Vecchia was built in 1640 by Prince Orsini above the ruins of two imperial Roman villas, and was used for centuries as a resting point for esteemed guests en route to Rome. Unfortunately by the year 1918 it had fallen into a state of disrepair. Thankfully in 1960 Jean Paul Getty acquired the property from Prince Odescalchi. Getty embarked on a massive renovation and restoration of this spectacular seaside palazzo, engaging the services of Frederico Zeri, the highly regarded curator of The Getty Museum to decorate it with the best 17th century furniture, paintings, and tapestries. While digging to build a pool, they unearthed the aforementioned Roman ruins and further construction had to be stopped. Getty, still wanting a pool, decided to install one indoors, and subsequently found the remains of an even more spectacular villa. – And so by happenstance, La Posta Vecchia had become a veritable private Pompei with priceless mosaics and ancient architectural details.

Happily the present owner acquired the property with much of the Getty contents still in place (although the phone booth Getty required his guests to use is no longer a feature), and I heartily enjoyed playing the modern day tycoon as we strolled the extensive gardens and supped on the seaside terrace at the restaurant Cesar. As an added and unexpected pleasure we had been upgraded to the very palatial “Castello” suite – a remarkable corner room with four windows facing the sea.

Getty once described this place as a “serene and heavenly home,” and I’m glad to say that a stay at La Posta Vecchia still offers these very same qualities.

I’m pictured (top) in our super chic Castello suite wearing the palest pink cotton safari shirt and python belt both by Gucci, shorts by Our Legacy 1980-81 in hemp, cotton, and silk, ivory suede loafers by Tom Ford, sunglasses by Gucci, Cartier “Tank Divan” from Raj Tolaram and bringing a bit of Le Sirenuse along with me, my fragrance is Paestum Rose.