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August, 2016:


James Andrew on the Cape

James Andrew on the Cape

Last week we were dining in the city at Isle of Capri (a classic NYC 1950s restaurant) with some rather fabulous friends, and they invited us to the Cape for a long weekend. We of course jumped at the opportunity to escape the city – the weather here has been frightfully hot as many of you know, so any chance to get away is a welcome thing!

Traveling with several gift bottles of Chateau d’Esclans Les Clans rosé for our most gracious hosts, we arrived for a late dinner – the wine was obviously very well received!

We lounged on the beach, basked in the sun, and caught up on some reading. My book: The Long Weekend – Life in the English Country House 1918-1939 – a perfect read for our stay.

Grilled summer foods and copious lobster rolls were the order of the day, and on Saturday evening, we were treated to Rye Tavern (former Wright Tavern) for a most sublime dinner. A “slice of Colonial America,” Chef Andrew Swain’s menu is a terrific take on “farm to table” cuisine, with only the freshest ingredients and some truly unique combinations of flavors. Sensational. We enjoyed pre-dinner martinis in the garden while waiting to dine al fresco on the tavern’s patio. And of course I did my best not to disappoint with a variety of sartorial ensembles expressing my own version of Cape Cod style. We returned to New York City on Monday afternoon a bit more tan and feeling infinitely more refreshed after our wonderful weekend!

I’m wearing (top) a pink silk Tom Ford “Spencer” jacket, custom pale blue cotton linen shirt with contrast white collar and cuffs, pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, vintage Rolex, JKP woven white cotton belt, Ralph Lauren pink and blue paisley cotton voile pocket square, Our Legacy hemp and silk shorts, Polo Ralph Lauren pale blue leather “topsiders,” a vintage straw hat that belonged to Scott McBee’s mother, a royal blue and white silk scarf, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.


James Andrew at home - photo: Boris Glamocanin

James Andrew at home – photo: Boris Glamocanin

My friend Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief at House Beautiful, perfectly summed up her thoughts on Marie Kondo’s best selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing:

“Kondo argues that how we dress ourselves at home has an enormous impact on our self-image. Why, when left alone, do we simply let go? After all, it is hard to feel good about yourself in saggy cashmere and dated jeans. Or in an unfinished or unhappy room, for that matter. More than any other place, your home should help you feel like your truest self. If you wake up surrounded by beauty, you’ll carry that feeling of joy and confidence all day long. Then you can return home, recharge, and begin again.”

This pithy message sort of hit me like a cinder block. I took a look at myself and my surrounds, and realized I’d quietly become a bit of a slob at home! I launched into action, and marched right off to Brooks Brothers to purchase dressing gowns and pajamas (I was picturing some of those classic Cary Grant flicks – him in his smart dressing/lounging attire). I threw out the old faded t-shirts I was wearing and spruced up my at-home appearance. Among other things, I also made a major effort to sift through my endless shopping bags filled with interior design swatches and samples, (ah, the constant conundrum of a home office). I cleaned up the clutter and filled the vases with fresh flowers. A couple days of concerted effort really paid off. I can tell you that even a subtle shift can make a huge difference – clearing the mind and energizing and elevating one’s personal sense of dignity! I urge you all to consider a little clarification today – let us know your results!


James Andrew - photo: Boris Glamocanin

James Andrew – photo: Boris Glamocanin

A few years ago I was thrilled to be featured in Christie’s magazine – they heaped some pretty tremendous accolades on me, calling me “…interior designer, style icon, and blogger extraordinaire….” In the ensuing years I’ve tried to live up to these words!

As a blogger, trying to be informative, insightful and perhaps even provocative over an extended period time takes no small effort – and arranging photos as well to coincide with my narrative can really be a challenge. I think we’ve all become so used to consuming masses of online content, that at times it’s hard to remember that there are people actually making well-considered original material – not to mention the fact that there is often a whole support team behind the scenes making things run relatively smoothly! I myself rely on a quiver of fabulous photographer friends to help me in my efforts, but sadly many of them have moved out of the city recently, making the work we do at WIJW quite a bit more constricting.

photo by Boris Glamocanin

photo by Boris Glamocanin

Thankfully there are a few ultra-talented artists left here like the brilliant Boris Glamocanin to carry the torch! We just want to say how grateful we are to him and all of the others who’ve contributed so much, and we’d like to remind our lovely readership to occasionally leave a nice comment wherever the winds of the net may take you. And as always we want to thank you for taking the time to check in with us here at WIJW!

For this fab Glamocanin shoot, I’m sporting Tom Ford indigo and ivory silk glen plaid jacket, white cotton shirt and turquoise silk pants, Max Verre denim tasseled loafers, Charvet turquoise silk pocket square, vintage Rolex, Tom Ford “Marco” sunglasses, a bit of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel, and a misting of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.