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James Andrew Thanksgiving

James Andrew Thanksgiving

We’re just wrapping up the Thanksgiving holiday stateside. It’s a time for festivities with family and friends in the spirit of the early settlers’ harvest feast (and I trust many of us are also remembering the Wampanoag’s indispensable part in the success of that harvest!).

As you know I’m not one to express thanks just once yearly, but make continual gratitude a big part of my daily mindset! Certainly as TUT recently posted, two of the most powerful words for bringing about change are “thank you” —and that sign of gratitude can be particularly efficacious when presented before change even happens, when life still looks much like it did the day before. In fact a sincere “thank you” can help in coping with things we generally label undesirable, such as fear and sadness. It’s a way of recognizing that we can learn from everything—that the bumps in life are a wake up call that can assist our progress toward deeper understanding and even enlightenment.

All that being said, we here at WIJW have had a lot to be grateful for this weekend, and we’ve been having a grand time getting caught up in the spirit of the holiday, cooking for family, friends, and strays alike. It’s hard for me to think of a better gift than to invite people over to share a meal lovingly and of course stylishly prepared! Thank you to all here on WIJW for joining in our celebration of thanks!

Scott McBee has captured me preparing a meal at home for a small group of fabulous friends. I’m sporting a Tom Ford rustic wool silk tweed mouline “priest hat” tweed “Country” jacket, Turnbull and Asser forest green and white mini check shirt with contrast white collar, antique Scottish agate cuff links, Charvet forest green and white retro print silk pocket square, Gucci python belt with double horse head silver buckle, Uniqlo jeans and Gucci black suede “Belgian” style slippers. My fragrance is Creed Royal-Oud

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James Andrew courtesy Lonny - photo © Michael Devine

James Andrew courtesy Lonny Magazine – photo © Michael Devine

I just can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I was when my friend, super chic aesthete, writer, textile designer, blogger extraordinaire, Michael Devine asked me to be part of his piece for Lonny Magazine.

Michael Devine Reports is a ravishing column devoted to the fine art of entertaining, and I’m pleased to say WIJW is amongst some rather fabulous company at Lonny Magazine: take for instance the sublime swan Alexis Swanson Traina for one. I can’t imagine being more well placed!

See the full piece here: Michael Devine Reports: James Andrew Does Chic and Cheap Entertaining and read some of my musings on how everyone, regardless of budget, can create the most tremendous table settings. I of course jumped at the opportunity to host a little luncheon showcasing a table setting for Lonny’s readership!

A James Andrew table setting. photo © Michael Devine

A James Andrew table setting – photo © Michael Devine

We trust you’ll make Michael Devine Reports a go-to resource in your efforts toward more elevated living.

I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci navy velvet blazer, Tom Ford blue mini herringbone weave cotton shirt, brown cotton corduroy pants, and brown suede tasseled loafers, Gucci python belt, Charvet brown and blue retro print pocket square, pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, Rolex, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Oud.

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James Andrew and Nina Griscom

James Andrew and Nina Griscom

Recently I stopped by to collect my super chic friend, bag designer, socialite, former model, aesthete and style pundit, Nina Griscom for a bit of a catch-up over lunch. Among the many topics we discussed, I was particularly interested to hear about the success of her new line of bags. Generally we don’t cover much in the way of women’s fashion here at WIJW, but Griscom’s designs (and indeed Griscom herself!) so represent that effortless chic we often write about, and we do LOVE the entrepreneurial spirit! And if you’re a WIJW fan, we’re guessing you do too. To this end, we asked Griscom if she’d briefly speak with us about her new line, blogging, and the creative process:

…I have a real passion for leather anything! Notebooks, bags, luggage. You name it. It felt like so many of the bags around had way too much hardware and logos and I couldn’t find bags that were clean, elegant, and yet beautifully made.

I was already a client of Gigi New York when I approached them to partner with me on a line of bags. I loved the quality of their work and the fact their products are made in America (in Melville, Long Island). My new line is called Nina Griscom for Gigi New York.

I’ve had so much fun working on the Fall collection and we are just about to start planning Spring.

I think that I come to the table knowing that people didn’t need just another suitcase or make-up kit or evening clutch. Each of these items needs to answer certain practical issues, be discreetly luxurious and to a certain extent, exclusive. I hope to bring my own lifestyle knowledge to these designs that considers how my customer lives and travels as well as attention to beauty.

Meanwhile I have recently been ignoring my other passion which is blogging. For the past year, I have had a blog, ninagriscom.com where I post roughly 3 times a week about food, travel (to Africa) family issues, interior design, gardens, entertaining, and even vibrators once….

I have a hate/love relationship with writing and now that I have given up smoking and drastically toned down my drinking, the process is much harder minus the lubrication of wine and butts!

Somehow designing bags does not necessitate the same creative angst to produce an end result. Go figure.

Executed in the most gorgeous leather and suedes with horn accents, these are the kind of go-to bags that every gal will want as part of her arsenal. And they’re made in America! Nina Griscom bags can be purchased at www.ninagriscom.com and www.giginewyork.com as well as at the retail shop, Gigi New York at 28 Jobs Lane Southampton NY. In the coming months they will be available at national retail stores around the country. Retail prices: $750 to $1800

With her disarming candor, sultry style, and an undeniable joie de vivre, you’re sure to become a Griscom fan! WE here at WIJW certainly are!

Dressed for a lovely luncheon with Griscom, I’m sporting a Tom Ford charcoal wool plaid 3 piece suit, teal plaid cotton shirt with French cuffs, saddle and black leather loafers, teal and blue silk pocket square, Charvet black and silver stripe silk tie, antique Scottish agate cuff links, Rolex watch, and my fragrance is Creed Windsor.

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