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Christopher Hyland

James Andrew at Christopher Hyland

While trekking through the Himalayas, Christopher Hyland happened upon a bolt of indigenous textile – and it was not only love at first sight, but a fortuitous meeting that informed the course of Hyland’s career – sending him on a world wide quest for more exquisite textiles. A visit to Hyland’s luxurious showrooms, showcasing an extensive selection of rich and unusual designs, (many in pre-industrial age coloration), and all of the highest quality, might just have you falling in love as well! You’ll find all that you need here whether your taste is high style traditional or lux minimalist, and Hyland has one of the most extensive collections of Italian made textile, aiming to keep alive the breadth of design – from historical based documents to the latest modernist creations.

Detail at Christopher Hyland

Detail at Christopher Hyland

Hyland tells us the secret of his success is looking to the new and modern, while embracing and sustaining great design from the past – “…The fusion of the two will be the great statement of the 21st century…,” Hyland says with some authority. We at WIJW could not agree more and always look to achieve a similar marriage of the best of the past and present.

Detail at Christopher Hyland

Exploring the myriad of possibilities at Christopher Hyland showroom, I’m wearing an aubergine velvet jacket and gray flannel pants by Gucci, Turnbull and Asser shocking pink cotton shirt with contrast white collar and cuffs, gray and black silk polka dot pocket square, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links, pewter silk tie by Charvet, silver chain link belt by Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent black leather “Windsor” loafers, my fragrance is Windsor by Creed. Photos by Christopher Hyland.