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Club Monaco

Fabulous Friends in Montauk

 photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew and friends

A friend is a gift you give yourself.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

While we can’t choose our families, (and I’m not going to spoil the mood by bringing mine into the picture), thankfully we can choose our friends!

And we think we’ve chosen rather well! Case and point, have a look here at a few of my favorite pals—the smiles are brought to you thanks to my super chic friend, Carmindy, who had us all to her beach house for a glorious weekend romp, seaside in Montauk. Wine, summer cookouts, lounging around—the simple things that make for a beautiful August getaway.

 photo Gabriel Everett

photo Gabriel Everett

I trust our WIJW friends are out there enjoying some of these remaining Halcyon days of summer together as well!

Gabriel Everett

photos Gabriel Everett

There’s a diverse group in Montauk—surfers, hedge fund guys, artists, etc. and so I assembled a look that has a sort of preppie-hippie vibe—let’s call it South Hampton Boheme.

I’m sporting a royal blue cotton satin jacket by Gucci, Baumans Men’s store provided me with this pale blue linen shirt with contrast white collar and french cuffs and the white linen and pale blue pocket square, Seaman Schepps pearl cuff links with pale blue sapphires, cotton madras plaid shorts from Club Monaco, red alligator belt with silver buckle from Ralph Lauren, bone suede loafers by Tom Ford and my cologne Creed Bois de Cedrat.

Harbour Island

James Andrew, Harbour Island. Photo Scott Mcbee

With its turquoise water, powdery sand, and casually elegant vibe, it’s easy to see how Harbour Island and Dunmore would be the perfect spot for India Hicks and her family to realize their inspired vision of island living.

One of the first things that one notices on Harbour Island is the fact that most local travel is done on foot or by cart. This really slows the pace, giving one a heightened sense of the environment, and it adds a particularly social element to one’s comings and goings as well, creating an ease to social exchange that is virtually extinct where many of us come from! As Hicks puts it, Harbour Island is “the epitome of barefoot chic.”

And pleasures are reassuringly simple on the island – for instance, one evening after enjoying a scrumptious meal with a small and well selected gathering chez Hicks we were greeted by a tropical storm which quite promptly put the electricity out – in a blink, India whisked us to the drawing room for a lively game of charades – I must say I was having more fun than I’d had in a long time. Remember those days before we buried our lives in our blackberries and flat screen TVs? We at WIJW do, and it took us an evening like this one to remind us how nice it is to connect in such a natural way.

Obviously we owe a great deal of gratitude to Harbour Island and the effortlessly graceful India Hicks for a little glimpse of the way things could, can, and should be!

Saying our farewells, I’m wearing a white cotton voile safari shirt by Gucci, white cotton shorts by Mario Matteo from Behaviour NYC, lemon yellow ribbon belt by Club Monaco, my fragrance is Citrus Bigarrade by Creed.

Savannah Inside

James Andrew at David Hicks' Savannah.

David Hicks’ concept of Savannah was far from the usual colonial fare so prevalent throughout the Bahamas. In fact a first encounter with Savannah was, and still is, a bit shocking. But of course, being the brainchild of David Hicks, it actually makes perfect sense that he drew upon the Egyptian aesthetic for his fantasy Bahamian retreat – the sun, the sand, and palms all lend a shared context that make Savannah perfectly at home on Windermere Island.

And then there is the interior – Hicks’ interior is typically hyper stylized with a signature sophisticated look, yet through his highly considered choice of local materials and finish, Hicks makes sure we never lose a sense of place. All the interior walls and floors were constructed from a rusticated mixture of local pink sand, cement, and marble dust. The ceilings by contrast are highly polished with almost a lacquered appearance, lending them a certain weightless quality – this buoyant effect is further enhanced by a painted black gap between the walls and ceiling. Floor to ceiling windows accentuate the vertical and were made to slide into the walls, inviting an easy interplay between interior and exterior. Two scroll top pictures specially painted by the artist Bruce Tippet in a vibrant Caribbean palette anchor the seating areas in the living room – the rest of the artwork at Savannah is by David Hicks himself as well as by Ashley and India Hicks.

Following the ravages of Hurricane Floyd, India Hicks lovingly undertook some much needed renovations to Savannah. But “there was no improving on the master,” she tells us, so thankfully virtually everything has been restored to its original specifications.

While a visit to Savannah is primarily reserved for family and friends, it is available for a week or two on occasion for those seeking a truly unique experience. Are your bags packed already?

I’m pictured (above) enjoying the super chic living room at Savannah. Dressed in homage to the master I’m sporting a white linen jacket by Gucci, pale blue Glen plaid cotton French cuff shirt by Tom Ford, Seaman Schepps silver pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, shocking pink cotton jean cut pants by Dior, yellow ribbon belt by Club Monaco, yellow and white silk retro print pocket square by Charvet Paris, white leather Gucci loafers, and my fragrance is Royal Water by Creed – Incidentally Creed’s fragrance Royal Water was created for the young house of Windsor, and as chance would have it Prince Charles and Lady Diana spent time at Savannah on their honeymoon in the summer of 1981!