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Until We Meet Again, Bermuda!

James Andrew in Bermuda

James Andrew in Bermuda

As our beautiful days of sunning on pink beaches and loafing around Bermuda drew to a close, Raj Tolaram hosted the most fabulous farewell dinner party for us. Needless to say, I’m eternally grateful to him for his gorgeous hospitality. Tolaram is on a mission to restore Bermuda to its glory days, while bringing his own brand of elegance, luxury and sophistication to the mix. I adore his vision and look forward to participating in this grand endeavor. Of course we’ll be sharing it all here as things unfold!



Dressed for our farewell dinner (top), Tolaram’s wonderful pink Victorian home provided an ultra lux chic base of operations for our WIJW Bermuda adventure. I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci white linen jacket and pale khaki pants, Tom Ford pink mini plaid cotton shirt with French cuffs, ivory silk tie and ivory suede loafers, Gucci python belt with silver buckle, Charvet Paris pink silk pocket square, cuff links are shell with coral beads, vintage Rolex watch and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.

What Lies Ahead of You?

We couldn’t possibly describe our ideal Bermuda holiday better than this wonderful old travel brochure. The whole thing has us just soaked in nostalgia! Speaking of which, we also note the “Queen of Bermuda” ocean liner photographed in the background is the self-same vessel so beautifully painted by our very own Scott Mcbee!

Queen Of Bermuda - Painting by Scott McBee

Queen Of Bermuda - Painting by Scott McBee (click to enlarge)

Bermuda Welcomes You

James Andrew, Bermuda

James Andrew, Bermuda

Just back from a brilliant long weekend in Bermuda.

My dear friend, bon vivant, entrepreneur extraordinaire Raj Tolaram has settled back in Bermuda, and as you might imagine an invitation to weekend there elicited an enthusiastic and immediate affirmative from yours truly.

First stop, The Coral Beach Club! Once the bastion of uber wasp chic, today I would hardly give it a “top drawer” rating, but there is still something wonderfully nostalgic about it and perhaps the members can take note of the continued success of the Lyford Cay Club as a vital and elegant retreat for global taste makers.

While I have an undeniable appreciation for the past, I do recognize the role one can have in creating the present! Instead of mourning the loss of what once was, I always try to bring my own brand of chic wherever I go. In this way, one can elevate one’s experience of a place, while raising the bar for those that surround us. Of course its an effortless endeavor when one has a host as sophisticated and like minded as Tolaram! Needless to say, I was treated to the very best of Bermuda!

At the Coral Beach Blub dining terrace I’m sporting a Gucci safari style shirt in palest pink cotton, white cotton sateen flared leg pants and aviator style sunglasses, Tom Ford pale sand suede loafers, white rope belt by Orlebar Brown, vintage Rolex watch and my fragrance is Creed Royal Water.