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James Andrew at the Lyford home of John Fondas and John Knott

James Andrew at the Lyford home of John Fondas and John Knott

Thanks to our super chic friends, John Fondas and John Knott, we had amazing lodgings during our recent stay at Lyford; rooms with the most marvelous mix of Quadrille fabrics and comfy down filled sofas and chairs, and an eclectic mix of elegant objects—the epitome of Lyford chic. In fact, their home was featured in Architectural Digest. We’ve mentioned Fondas before in relation to his brilliant boutique, the Island Store–a glorious shop Fondas has filled with carefully chosen things from his world travels, to help all of us achieve a bit of that aforementioned Lyford chic!

At the Island Store

At the Island Store

And don’t forget (as you may also recall from an ealier piece we did here on WIJW) that our very own Scott McBee has some lovey paintings at the Island Store. Visit the site and pick one (or a nice grouping as shown here) up before they are all gone!

I’m pictured (at top) in Lyford after a visit to the Island Store. I’m sporting a Gucci mint green cotton twill jacket, Tom Ford lavender and white striped shirt, vintage moon stone cuff links, Etro mini paisley and floral silk pocket square, KJP woven white cotton belt , Tom Ford ivory suede loafers and my fragrance is Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.

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  1. dean farris says:

    Too divine!
    Love the shot of you on the slipper chair!

  2. Karena says:

    The Island Store looks filled with fabulous finds and I do love the gorgeous coral fabrics used in the Fonda home! You look completely at home and relaxed!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. James Andrew says:

    Darling Karena,

    I really do feel quite at home in Lyford- perhaps why I am fantasizing about my own tropical villa.

    My friends just get everything right , effortless chic at it’s best.

    Do peruse The Island Store website there are so many tropical themed treasures to be had.



  4. Again; one of my favorite couples at one of my very top favorite places! Looking like Slim Aarons is about to arrive and start photographing!
    (Did you know that often he would just arrive somewhere and start taking pictures of people he found “attractive”! and they would turn out to be “from old, lovely, and prominent families”! (will I be attacked for saying those words??)

    It is just a fact! “Lovely families raised lovely, polite and gracious children. Nothing “glitzy or showy” about them. Somehow; he would just photograph them. A gracious demeanor. Who knows? He had a real “nose” for style and elegance. I am delighted that all of his unpublished photographs have been published in 5(?) books posthumously!!

    Anyway; if he had been there; he would have photographed you!! Elegance lives on!

    I love you!!!

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope Bianchi,

    You are so delicious!!!

    Slim Aarons has always been one of my favorite sources of inspiration and has provided access to worlds -sadly in many cases have been forgotten.

    Hopefully with people like us – loyal disciples of elegance,sophistication,good manners,politeness and graciousness- we can help imbue these qualities into the world.

    I think I am missing 2 Slim Aarons books- I am dashing to the book store as we speak.

    Much Love


  6. Dean says:


    You look so smashing!

    Would love to see Lyford some day!


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