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My fantasy Lyford Villa

My fantasy Lyford Villa

Some may say I am jumping the gun just a bit, seeing as how I don’t actually own my favorite Lyford tropical villa yet, but there IS something to be said for living as if. So much of life is related to the stories we tell ourselves, and that can range from topics of health and well-being to financial issues as well. Telling ourselves a better story may seem delusional, but the fact is, one might just need that shift in attitude to actually accomplish one’s goals. As our WIJW readership probably knows by now, I like to tell myself some pretty fabulous tales — my reasoning (other than being a whole lot of fun) is that if one’s dreams don’t scare one a little, then they aren’t big enough — and truth be told, one often does make more progress when those dreams are big!

Places like Lyford put me completely at ease, and it didn’t take much deliberation for me to locate my tropical fantasy villa here in this corner of paradise. As imagined, my design would have a stunningly exotic orientalist-in-the-tropics sort of vibe — think: Doris Duke’s Islamic-style Hawaiian Shangri La. Not satisfied to leave this as a simple daydream, I’ve actually taken this design to the point where I have folders on my desktop overflowing with images of art and antiques to fill my Lyford villa. Whether I realize my dreams or not, I’ve been having a blast fleshing out ideas, and who knows, these things do start to gather momentum beyond mere thought!

For a visit to my lovely Lyford Villa (I do think this semi-ruin is well worth saving – kickstarter anyone?), I’m sporting another look inspired by my friend Amanda Strong Boalt’s take on Palm Beach style. I’m wearing a Tom Ford era Gucci white linen jacket and linen madras shirt, Strong Boalt Hybrid “Seafoam” shorts, Tom Ford ivory suede loafers, lavender glen plaid cotton pocket square, “Dimitry” sunglasses, vintage Rolex, and my fragrance is Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino.

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  1. Dean says:

    Dear James,

    Aspirational seems to be a hot word right now- Wonder if Twitter has #aspirational yet?
    Your force of will can make things happen!
    It’s an energy field-
    For example, I just came across your post, and had recently had the similar idea of creating the “fantasy” interiors for a large penthouse at 15 Central Park West. The floor plan is shown in the Michael Gross book- and I thought it might be interesting to start a file on the property- since anything can happen if you are ready for it!
    I wish you all the fortune and success in your Lyford pursuits. A ruin like yours is a decorators dream, and I think I read that John Fowler only leased his country house. Perhaps a lease is the way to go?
    Bon chance!

  2. Karena says:

    It is true James, you are an irresistible magnet for all of the dreams and desires you wish for every day. I do believe our self talk awakens our minds to health, happiness and success!

    You always radiate confidence!

    Haute Couture Ateliers

  3. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    You are entirely correct and you may recall that I did exactly that for the Zaha Hadid 1000 Museum Penthouse in Miami and then featured it as a blog post- you should do the same.

    The important thing is to have fun with these things!

    Cheers and All My Best


  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Karena,

    Exactly what I am attempting to do – match the vibration of my dreams and desires to act as a magnate to attract these things into my life.

    Thank You for ALL your tremendous support!

    Love and Light


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