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James Andrew at  Therien & Co.

James Andrew at Therien & Co.

Interested to see what LA had to offer in terms of fine interior decorating resources, we can thank our dear friend, Philip Bewley, for suggesting that we visit the tremendous Therien & Co in LA. It’s a glorious oasis of chic interior design with Therien & Co, Therien 20th, Studio Workshops, and Quatrain, all connected by spectacular courtyards. There is absolutely something for everyone — top quality, and all selected with exquisite taste. Needless to say, I found some exceptional objects for several of my clients!

A visit to Los Angeles would not have been complete without seeing our dear friend, Alex Hitz, who as you know is the author of My Beverly Hills Kitchen, my go-to cook book. An understated yet chic entrance to the Hitz house is the most perfect foil for the jaw dropping interior—a fantastic modern take on Hollywood Regency with a minimalist Beverly Hills Hotel kind of vibe—including spectacular views of course. I was terribly dissappointed to miss a dinner Hitz was preparing…we certainly could have spent hours with Hitz, but our itinerary had us on the move again.

Alex Hitz at home.

Alex Hitz at home.

We lunched at the old school Beverly Hills favorite, La Dolce Vita. Preferred by presidents and celebrities alike since the 1960’s, it serves delicious Northern Italian-style cuisine in a club-like atmosphere. We were pretty thrilled to be seated in Nancy Reagan’s favorite spot.

The Huntington Art Gallery was something we also were curious to see, with its 55,000 square foot Beaux-Arts French/Mediteranian style mansion architecture—set on 207 acres of botanical splendor and housing a world class art collection, one could spend an entire day there, but alas, an hour was all we could afford (we shall return).

At the Huntington Art Gallery

At the Huntington Art Gallery

Our dear friends, Hutton and Ruth Wilkinson, were so divine to prepare an enchanted dinner for us at their new home. The Wilkinsons (with Tony Duquette influences of course – Hutton Wilkinson was Duquette’s protege and business partner for 30 years after all) have developed a richly layered aesthetic, and the home is strategically located on the property to take full advantage of Dawnridge just beyond the pool and down a flight of stairs. After cocktails, we dined in its magical gardens. This is a memory that I will savor for a lifetime. After a visit there, I’ve become convinced that more is certainly more! I only wish I had been able to get a photo with the Huttons—perhaps on our next visit….



Enjoying one of the lush courtyards at Therien & Co. (top), I’m sporting a Tom Ford tangerine silk herringbone suit, orange suede tasseled loafers, silk chiffon paisley shirt by Etro, orange and white retro print silk Tom Ford pocket square, vintage Rolex, Gucci sunglasses, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Lavender Palm.

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  1. James!
    You have an innate, even prescient ability to dress for to enhance any setting -you look stellar here in the courtyard, your very handsome suit in tangerine silk herringbone a complement to the various sculptures and sandstone amphoras from antiquity -and the California light, here filtered by old olive trees. I love seeing a glimpse of Alex Hirtz’ dining room -contemporary Beverly Hills glamour…and again, there is that quality of light, elegance. The Ravishing Road Trip has been filled with extraordinary gardens, and it seems fitting that it should include dining in the legendary gardens of Dawridge.
    Each of your posts inspires me.

  2. You are such a glamour-puss, and I mean that as a major compliment! Love the missives from California, and you’re giving me all sorts of ideas for my next trip there… Thanks ever so, Reggie

  3. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Philip,

    It has indeed been a “Ravishing Road” trip,with so many incredible experiences – most thanks to you and your superb advice.

    Sadly it is coming to an end- Friday will be our farewell California post.

    I have an EPIC photo to celebrate.

    Love and Light


  4. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Reggie,

    Life is a banquette and I do not intend on starving!

    California was just so sublime,the most incredible sites and people!

    Can’t wait to return.

    Hope to see you soon!



  5. La Contessa says:

    Lovely tour………I believe that THERIEN started in San Francisco??I recall they had a lovely showroom close to the design center here.Those chairs with ALEX……I feel I just saw that room in a magazine??Hunington Gallery really a treasure!I also visited for the first time this summer!Lotusland too.Both are high on my list for returning one day!YOu did indeed do the GRAND TOUR of the WEST COAST!

  6. Darling James,

    Am simply CHARTREUSE with envy! No, am so happy for you- maybe you can open an office in LA too- like dear Todd Romano!
    Loving your Cali posts!


  7. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    I just adore the color Chartreuse!

    Wouldn’t it be fab to be bi-coastal – I see a John Woolf house in my future.



  8. James Andrew says:

    My Dear La Contessa,

    There was indeed a Therien in San Francisco and Alex Hitz’s home was recently featured in House Beautiful.

    Alex is just so delicious and impossibly chic.

    The Huntington was glorious – I could spend an entire day there!

    I really feel like it was a “Grand Tour” of California – at the very least – A Ravishing Road Trip.



  9. Alexx says:

    in love with your outfit, specially this shirt.

  10. Dawnridge and Hutton and Ruthie are the complete icing on the cake!!

    The first time I went to Dawnridge; I almost hyperventilated!
    It was many years ago; and Tony and the beautiful Beegle were there; and the most gracious of hosts…….Hutton and Ruthie have continued the tradition; and the new house is a fabulous addition!
    Seriously….can you believe it?
    You need to write a book about this trip!!

    You look fabulous at Therien! It is heavenly!!!

  11. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Alexx,

    Thank You!

    This silk chiffon paisley would be stunning on you!

    Let’s play dress up when you come to NYC!



  12. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope Bianchi,

    How tremendous to have known Tony Duquette and Beegle!

    Fascinating characters and how blessed are we to have friends like Hutton and Ruth- we can learn so much from them.

    The magic and magnificence of the place is not to be believed.

    Therien is a DREAM!



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