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James Andrew at the Getty Villa

James Andrew at the Getty Villa

On our way from Santa Barbara to the City of Angels, we seized the opportunity to drop in at the Getty Villa in Malibu. In 1945, J. Paul Getty purchased the 64 acre site and in 1954 he transformed his home into the J. Paul Getty Museum to exhibit his art and antiquities. In 1968 he created a new museum space next door to handle his constantly expanding collection and modeled it after the Roman Villa dei Papiri. Ever since the nautical protraitist and storyboarding artist, Scott McBee and I toured the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum a couple of years ago, we had it in our mind to visit the Getty Villa to see how it compared. Seeing Getty’s pristine incarnation of the place was indeed a bit of a trip.

The Getty Villa

The Getty Villa

After Getty’s death, the Getty Center was built in Brentwood and Getty’s collection of art was split between the two locations, with the Getty Villa now housing the ancient classical collections. Needless to say, the property now affords one a pretty authentic sense of what it must have been like to wander through an ancient Roman Villa. It’s a true marvel.

The Getty Villa

The Getty Villa

From Malibu, we were off to Beverly Hills where the Thompson Hotel greeted us with a lovely suite of rooms. We lounged roof-top by the pool sipping rosé and recuperated from our journey.

We were thrilled to re-unite with our beloved Gabriel Everett for a fabulous dinner at the Grill on the Alley and plot out the remaining two days of our journey.

Dressed to celebrate J.Paul Getty and his great cultural gift to the world, I’m sporting a Tom Ford jacket in grey linen, silk and hemp, hot pink silk and cotton pants, white cotton shirt with French cuffs, abstract floral print pocket square in pinks and white suede lace up shoes with saddle leather cap toes, Gucci python belt with silver double horse head buckle, shell and coral cuff links, hot pink cotton socks from Turnbull and Asser, my vintage Rolex, and a spritz of Tom Ford Lavender Palm cologne.

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  1. James,

    From seeing photos from all of your adventures It looks like you truly experienced the best of California! Your posts have been making me home sick though. Aside from my longing for California, I am so appreciative of all your fabulous posts! I may have to follow in your footsteps next time Im back.



  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Michael,

    Brills to hear from a Californian!

    I look forward to seeing more of this lovely place through your exquisite eye.



  3. Bill says:

    Just a perfect place… we used to go to the Getty at that location for years.So glad you spent some quality time there…dressed just terrifically.Miss my Cali…

  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear Bill,

    So happy to hear that our ideas of Cali our resonating with you – let us know your ultimate fantasies of this must sublime place.



  5. Regina says:

    In the 70s…we would arrive by appointment of course, entering thru the beautifully inlaid Marbled room which is now literally a hall…a dearly departed friend designed the then cafe’ which was for the time quite posh in its setting. Many wonderful conversations of Ancient Pompeii and Herculenaeum and strolls thru the scented gardens. I will say, once the Getty Center was completed, all European decorative arts pieces were then sent off to that location and the emphasis was on the Ancient only! An elegant soul, friend and Master Landscaper – Emmett Wemple, designed the gardens of the Getty center – and lastly a friend most missed, Julius Shulman – THE very talented Master Photographer of Architecture – relished having both Getty museums open solely for his EYE to capture while in his 90s!

  6. La Contessa says:

    Your look is Stunning! Wish more fellow’s would take note! You look as if you live in each location! You are like a piece of art. Thank You!

  7. James Andrew says:

    My Dear La Contessa,

    Thank You!

    What a lovely thing to say!

    I do believe that every moment presents us with an opportunity to create,to be, to celebrate and shine like the spectacular stars that we all are.



  8. James Andrew says:

    Hello My Darling Regina,

    How extraordinary for you to have had all these delightful experiences at The Getty Villa and in such sublime company.

    I feel there may be the need for your own venue to share some of these wonderful stories.



  9. James,
    I feel completely transported by your post -here you appear to have the villa gardens all to yourself -in the soft morning marine light -looking so handsome in these enchanting gardens. I love how the Tom Ford jacket plays on the colours of the light and in the Greek Key mosaic inlay, and the whole mood is so crisp and fresh, elegant and attuned to art and beauty.
    I love it.

  10. James Andrew says:

    Dear Philip,

    This indeed was a fab photo, great light and what a fab backdrop!

    I must have cosmically channeled the pale grey- it all worked so wonderfully.



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