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James Andrew in L.A. - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew in L.A. – photo Gabriel Everett

With wildly beautiful days and wonderful people, our time in Cali simply evaporated—and so it was that our western expedition came to a close.

We were treated on our last day, however, to a scrumptious final L.A. luncheon at one of my all-time favorites, The Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge, where we dined al fresco with our super chic hostess, Gabrielle Williams Choo. After spending some time with her, I’m convinced that she should have a style-blog to showcase her distinct and sophisticated aesthetic—she has some particularly well considered thoughts on style, grace, manners, metaphysics, and everything in-between, and I know the world would be a better place if she shared them!

After our delicious lunch, we rendezvoused with our dear friend, the photographer, Gabriel Everett, who set about creating the epic L.A. photograph you see here (top). Upon a successful shoot, we unwound with a refreshing bottle of rosé before gathering a fabulous collection of friends for a poolside dinner — what a gorgeous way to end our stay!

I just want to say that I was thrilled with everyone’s positive feedback and comments, and it sounds like we may have even inspired some of our Californian contacts to investigate a few of the perhaps overlooked sites in their own back yard. In any case, now that we’ve done a pretty broad sampling of California, we’ll be sure to make a much more targeted visit next time. Can’t wait!

Captured in the “golden hour” light by the brilliant Gabriel Everett, I’m sporting a Tom Ford ivory linen sateen jacket and white cotton shirt with French cuffs, abstract floral silk pocket square and “Nicolo” sunglasses, shell and coral cuff links, Rolex, Ralph Lauren orange silk shantung pants and orange suede espadrilles. My fragrance is Tom Ford Lavender Palm—a scent which was created for the opening of the Beverly Hills Tom Ford boutique—how apropos!

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  1. Regina says:

    As a native born Los Angelean….a ‘SECRET’ for you : look for the Pink Hour – when clouds go from gold and turn pink to violet…that’s when the Pink Champagne, Lillet or Wine…well, ok…Scotch as well MUST be toasted to all those on the Other Side we Love so! Your BLESSED if you see the ‘Green Flash’ on the Ocean’s horizon at the exact moment when the Sun drops into the water.

    Your next trip has a NEW Beginning and End.

    Love & Light!

  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Regina,

    I adore this idea of “The Pink Hour” and can’t wait to explore on my next West Coast adventure.

    I am trying to sort out a last minute trip to Lisbon for my Bday in October.

    We shall see.

    Cheers and Thanks for all your fab feedback!


  3. Matt says:

    Very Julian Kaye that is Mr Andrew

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Matt,

    Cover me with kisses, baby
    Cover me with love
    Roll me in designer sheets
    I’ll never get enough…

    Call Me!



  5. gabrielle Choo says:

    Thank U for the very kind compliment Dear James it was truly a DELIGHTFUL afternoon and your taste in clothes is PERFECTION !!!!!!!
    U always look FABULOUS <3

  6. Bill says:

    Oh the Polo Lounge…hours spent there…You must have had such a great visit with all the stops, finery and such. Did you see le rayon vert perhaps on a beach? Hope so.

    where to next?

  7. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Gabrielle Choo,

    Thank You and how beyond fab to get your gorgeous commentary and feedback here.

    I hope to see you very soon.

    I have a feeling I will be spending more time in LA.

    Love and Light ,


  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear Bill,

    I just adore the Beverly Hills Hotel!

    Very Old School Hollywood/Beverly Hills glam!

    Are you referring to the film – Le Rayon Vert?



  9. George Cruz says:

    James, your expedition to California was divine, as were all your colorful ensembles. The trip inspired and took us away to places with a lot of quaint charm, as well as time in the cities there. The blog and California too, I must say, were enhanced for your having visited. Thank you for taking us along with you and letting us do some California dreaming.

  10. James Andrew says:

    My Dear George,

    SO thrilled that you enjoyed our “Ravishing Road Trip” it was truly a remarkable experience.

    Gabriel Everett’s brilliant portrait to celebrate our Expedition California Finale was just so very sublime.

    Already making many plans for our upcoming journeys.

    Cheers and Many Thanks


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