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WIJW in the New York Social Diary, Part I

James Andrew Interior for the NYSD - photo by Jeffrey Hirsch

The highly esteemed New York Social Diary offers a glimpse into how New York Society lives, featuring images and words on the best parties, charity events, culture, arts, travel, and they even touch on a bit of the most interesting NYC social history. My favorite section, however—and this should come to you as no surprise— is the NYSD House section, which takes one on a personal tour of the homes of some rather fabulous New Yorkers.

Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled to be featured recently there. And NYSD founder David Patrick Columbia’s fine and glowing words on your’s truly had me blushing quite a bit!

James is a connoisseur, with a kind of neo-Warholian splendor….warm and forthright, which is its own charm. I also learned from meeting that What Is James Wearing is a marketing device from which the man has forged a solid reputation in business. This is 21st century entrepreneurship. Furthermore he has a personality of integrity.

Truly words to live up to from a man that I’ve admired for years!

Now if that wasn’t enough, Sian Ballen and Lesley Hauge’s main piece not only touched the hearts of many, but it also attempted to dispel the notion that I was “insufferably self-promoting,” —to be fair though, I’ve always admitted to being shamelessly self promoting. It’s still a nice thing to hear that I’m not insufferable, so we’ll take the compliment!

“We confess that we thought James Andrew, interior designer and dandified blogger of the “What is James wearing?” site, was going to be insufferably self-promoting but we couldn’t have been more wrong for he is a tender, thoughtful soul who served us pastel-colored macaroons from Payard, specially bought for us. He was disarmingly, sweetly honest about pretty much everything we asked him with really no sense of a bulging ego at all—the daily display of exquisite clothes is, he says, nothing more than a celebration of life, and it wasn’t even his idea.”

The entire NYSD interview can be found here.

I am including a few images from the story for your enjoyment, and to give well deserved credit for some of the wonderful objects pictured. All photos are by Jeffrey Hirsch.

James Andrew Interior for the NYSD - photo by Jeffrey Hirsch

The focal point of my entrance hall is one of Scott McBee’s newest works, “Indigo Ostrich” from an animal series he is creating.

James Andrew Interior for the NYSD - photo by Jeffrey Hirsch

A view of the living room. On the console table a pair of Louis XVI style Hurricanes Lamps from Frederick P. Victoria.

James Andrew Interior for the NYSD - photo by Jeffrey Hirsch

In my bedroom a leather bed I designed is dressed with an eclectic mix of bed linens – D. Porthault European square shams in the “Confettis Blue” pattern, the duvet cover and standard shams are Sferra Celeste – Blue, at the foot of the bed, John Robshaw’s Indigo Turban quilt and the Ikat rectangular pillow is Madeline Weinrib’s Brown Collins.

James Andrew Interior for the NYSD - photo by Jeffrey Hirsch

Seated in my living room (top) I’m wearing a Tom Ford amethyst wool tweed windowpane plaid jacket, black and white striped cotton shirt, black and white silk pocket square and black and saddle leather loafers, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links, Gucci black and gray wool mini hounds tooth pants, purple alligator belt with sterling buckle from Ralph Lauren and my fragrance is Creed Royal Water.


  1. Dean says:


    I imagine Time Warner will be wanting to purchase WIJW any day now…!

    Old Henry Luce would have been most impressed by your creation!


  2. David Toms says:

    James, what a wonderful interview! You apartment looks absolutely stunning especially the blue on the living room walls!

  3. Secret Admirer says:

    Congrats James! I am so happy for you!

  4. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Mein lieber James, die Fotos Deiner Wohnung sind super schön! Ich möchte auf jeden Fall das Interview lesen!



  5. Marc de Paris says:

    You are wonderful as usual. This tribute is well deserved.


  6. An absolutely wonderful Article. Congratulations to you.

    Cheers P.

  7. s.h.i.m.a.i says:

    Wow! wonderful news and so well deserved! Congratulations James!

    I’ve been lurking around your site for a while- enjoying the fabulous pictures and pretending I belong in those “stylish” pictures..Ha!

    ………and, what a lovely apartment, especially your bedroom!


  8. Caroline says:

    I was so moved by your Social Diary piece. Your honesty and vulnerability completely caught me off guard! You are very brave to talk about the issues with your family and how your self confidence and your love of clothes go hand-in-hand. All of us feel insecure at times and have skeletons in the closet that we are fearful of letting loose. I have to admit that I assumed you were a bit on the untouchable or pretentious side, just judging you by your outside. I could not have been more wrong, and for that I am sorry! Have aways loved your blog but now I love you too!

  9. James Andrew says:

    Hello Philip,

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Thank You for all your fantastic feedback and encouraging words.



  10. Matt says:

    What a wonderful read and great photographs!
    Am proud of you Mr J.

    By the way love the bed and the livingroom.

    And…have we ever seen you wearing that amazing looking checked jacket/suit (?) hanging right of our favorite pink Tom Ford jacket?

    Hugs M

  11. Max says:

    Hi James,

    I don’t know if you remember me, but we ran into each other on Madison Avenue last summer. I just wanted to say that I read your NYSD interview, and was truly inspired. Specifically, what you said about “subtle shifts in consciousness” determining reality, is so very true. The power of our thoughts, and the human mind in general, on our lives is something so powerful that we really have yet to grasp all of its potential. This interaction is something that I have personally experienced and studied for years, and because of that, wish to pursue as a career. James, I believe you have realized a truth that is so vital to happiness: that we truly control our own destiny. You are living proof of this.

    All the best,

    Max M.

  12. Cassandra says:

    Just a fantastic interview and your apartment is both beautiful and very personal – lovely.

  13. Joni Webb says:

    I am crazy over your apartment – esp. your bedroom! love the colors there. actually, i love it all. wow! congrats on the NYD story!!!!


  14. Joni Webb says:

    I must say that I was surprised to read about your mom. It made me feel so bad for you. I can’t imagine how painful that all must be. I grew up with very judgmental parents and swore I wouldn’t raise my children like that. it’s hard to let go and let my daughter make her own mistakes without saying anything, but it’s made her well adjusted and mature and very loving. she knows she can tell me anything and she won’t be judged or get in trouble. i’m sure if or when you have your own, you would be exactly the same. makes me sad.

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