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New York Social Diary, Part II

Painted artwork by Alexander C. Scott, NYSD photo excerpt by Jeffrey Hirsch

Detail - In The Forest I Can Almost Hear You, and Tri-Hex Green, by Alexander C. Scott

My collection of works by the brilliant artist Alexander C. Scott has been over twenty-five years in the making. We met in Boston (where he still resides) many years ago and he has remained one of my dearest friends ever since. I became an instant fan the moment he first shared his extraordinary artistic talent with me.

Five pieces by Alexander C. Scott, NYSD photo excerpts by Jeffrey Hirsch

I’ve followed Scott throughout—from his major exhibit at the ICA in Boston; to his several print appearances, including Wallpaper magazine, Elle Decor, Monocle, and Artforum; to his recent showing at the super chic W hotel. As you can see I’ve acquired quite a few pieces representing various periods over the last couple of decades, and I’ve placed many times this in the interiors I’ve created for my clients both here and abroad!

Six paintings by Alexander C. Scott, NYSD photo excerpt by Jeffrey Hirsch

I’ve saved a few of my Scott acquisitions to hang in my next home and office—this painted Pink Stag triptych (below) and a sensational Scott photograph for instance—you can be sure to see these gracing my walls in the not so distant future.

STAG (pink), white vinyl and latex on canvas. 3 ft x 9 ft. by Alexander C. Scott

You can find a selection of Alexander Coster Scott’s photographic work and contemporary painted work at www.costerscott.com. Follow him on twitter at @CosterScott.


  1. Jason Poole says:

    Love love love Alexander. You may remember we bought one of your faux-bois paintings with a spiral shape. Its still the most beautiful painting we own!

  2. Dean says:

    A great artist for a great decorator!

  3. I absolutely adore all of the photographs– in their entirety. I am also infatuated with that c-print.

  4. Danielle says:

    Your artwork….ROCKS! All of my buddies are artists, but I’m married to the most practical man alive. Artwork to him is like soup…a big waste of space! Can you believe that? Insane, if you ask me!!!! Your home is gorgeous and I am totally in love with your mad style and yes my husband has none. I have often thought of starting a blog about him and his lack of style…what he puts together and thinks looks great, never ceases to amaze me. He has his own company and takes the metro to work and guess what shoes he wears to work everyday???? Yes, a pair of old, ugly white tennis shoes with a suit!!! Needless to say, I must inform him everyday of his lack of style. I understand that he doesn’t want to ruin his nice shoes, but wear a pair of hot pink, neon green or royal blue puma’s…why not make it fun? So sorry for the long comment, this is obviously something that has been bothering me for quite some time!
    Seriously, totally happy found your blog, so I can share with my man!!!

  5. Danielle says:

    Oh and to clarify, the artwork you purchased…ROCKS! You obviously have a great eye!

  6. Danielle says:

    Oh and to clarify, the artwork you purchased is awesome…you have a great eye!

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