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James Andrew at Untermeyer Gardens. Photo Larson Harley

I recently stumbled upon the glorious Untermeyer Gardens via the miracle of Instagram – I was mesmerized and simply had to go explore the place for myself. It’s terribly handy to NYC – just a quick train ride along the spectacular Hudson River, and happily my endlessly talented friend, photographer Larson Harley, was up for an adventure!

In 1916, Samuel Untermyer hired William Welles Bosworth, an Ecole des Beaux Arts trained architect and landscape designer, to create the “greatest gardens in the world.” In the years following, Bosworth created the formal gardens of Greystone.

James Andrew at Untermeyer Gardens. Photo Larson Harley

James Andrew at Untermeyer Gardens. Photo Larson Harley

The Walled Garden was based on Indo-Persian paradise gardens and included many of their traditional elements: the use of waterways to divide the garden into four quadrants, massive gates, and surrounding walls anchored at their corners with octagonal towers. These gardens were appointed with Grecian influenced structures including an Ionic open air amphitheater intended for entertaining, a Corinthian temple and a Doric stoa, or porch. The Walled Garden is thought to contain the largest outdoor use of mosaic in America!

Leading west and downhill toward the Hudson River, the second spectacular feature of Bosworth’s gardens is the vista. Its inspiration was drawn from steps at the Villa D’Este which descend toward Lake Como in Italy.

The Gardens were left to the town of Yonkers as a public park for all to enjoy. I think Larson Harley captured me quite well amongst the beautiful surrounds, don’t you? Do pay a visit yourselves. You will not be disappointed!

James Andrew at Untermeyer Gardens. Photo Larson Harley

On a fabulous Fall day, I’m sporting a Tom Ford brown mini herringbone tweed topcoat, wool challis scarf in the most sublime shades of green, brown and white check shirt, brown leather belt with faux tortoise buckle, Barbour olive quilted waist coat, Ralph Lauren olive wool flannel pants, Tom Ford era Gucci brown leather “Chelsea” boots, Hermes Cape Cod Deux Zones watch, Seaman Schepps cuff links in ebony, rosewood, sandalwood and walnut with citrines and Tom Ford tote bag in brown suede. My fragrance Tom Ford – London


  1. Yowzers! Next time I come to New York I will go there! Who knew?

    How brilliant that you have brought this amazing lovely treasure for all of us to see into the consciousness! I have never heard of it!

    Brilliant, again! And you brought your sartorial magnificence to that lovely setting. Please continue to influence people away from Slobbovia. It is a dreadful place! Bravo James!!!

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope Bianchi,

    Such glorious gardens!

    The most gracious gift to the town of Yonkers for all to enjoy and only 30 mins from NYC.

    Always hoping to inspire and elevate as do you my exquisite friend!

    Much Love


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