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James Andrew at the Arader Galleries' booth at The Winter Antiques Show

James Andrew at the Arader Galleries’ booth – The Winter Antiques Show

I can’t believe it but the event of the season is already upon us – of course I’m referring to The Young Collectors Night at The Winter Antiques Show this Thursday evening January 30, 2014 7-9 PM at The Park Avenue Amory. If you have not secured your tickets – now is the time! Get your tickets online here.

We were invited to a special preview recently and, as expected, the show is spectacular, with a marvelous range of objects to suit everyone’s fancy. Of particular note was the Arader Galleries showing — certainly one of the highlights of this year’s show. I’m wild about Frederick Judd Waugh’s 1932 “70 Degrees North” – a dramatic Arctic scene by one of America’s finest Marine painters. Waugh’s powerful depiction of the noble polar bear surveying his Arctic kingdom is truly sublime! And it’s just one of the many superb offerings you’ll find there.

It goes without saying that we’ll be back on Thursday to have a more in depth look at many of the things that caught our eye — the event inevitably brings out the most gorgeous of the city’s glitteratti, and so we’ll be taking the opportunity to do some people watching as well!

I’m sporting a Tom Ford charcoal wool/silk tweed country jacket, Michael Bastian chartreuse wool fair isle cardigan, cerulean blue cashmere turtleneck by Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci wool check pant, Lanvin green hightop sneakers, vintage Rolex, Charvet chartreuse silk pocket square and my fragrance Creed Royal Oud, Tom Ford – bronzing gel providing me with a glorious glow.

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  1. Wonderful portrait of you with such an amazing painting. Must see more works by Frederick Judd Waugh. A beautiful mix of tweed, fair isle, and cerulean, too!

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dog-Eared Pages,

    Truly the most magnificent masterpiece!

    I was instantly drawn to this beauty!

    Funny there have been recurring -polar bear /glacier themes coming up for me- stay tuned.



  3. George Cruz says:

    Oh, James, The Winter Antiques Show seems like a fabulous event! Do enjoy that! And this painting by Frederick Judd Waugh’s, “70 Degrees North,” is fantastic! You look great standing in front of it, I must say.
    The Tom Ford charcoal country jacket looking perfect on you. I love it paired with the Michael Bastian chartreuse, Fair Isle cardigan, cerulean blue turtleneck by Dolce & Gabanna and the Gucci wool check pant. I can’t see the Lanvin green, hightop sneakers, but I love that your wearing hightop sneakers with this whole look! Adorable, you are! The Tom Ford bronzing gel is adding to your sexy here, too.

  4. La Contessa says:

    You are SUBLIME in all your wardrobe bits and bobs!Your wardrobe must be massive?The vest is stunning……….and I always adore turtlenecks on men.Enjoy the show again for me!

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear George,

    The Young Collectors Night is indeed one of the highlights of the Winter Season.

    I will look forward to sharing some highlights!

    Thanks for all your wonderful words and praise!



  6. James Andrew says:

    My Lovely La Contessa,

    Thank You!!!

    This is one of those events where everyone dresses up and celebrates this idea of “Sartorial Splendour”.

    It is so marvelous to see so many friends and fans there and revisit many of the gorgeous things I saw on my preview visit.

    When are you coming to NYC btw ?

    A La Contessa post would be a huge hit!



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