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Fighting the Freeze

James Andrew winter NYC - photo Nick Turner

James Andrew winter NYC – photo Nick Turner

The so called “polar vortex” certainly has made agoraphobes out of many of our most adventurous here in the northeast! In fact it’s days like these that make me pretty grateful to have a rather extensive library of fine art books to return to after I’ve been tromping around out there! Many, if not most, of my finest were acquired after a luxurious browse at my favorite bookstore, the 57th St. Rizzoli in NYC. It’s really the most perfect spot to find refuge when the days are not so hospitable, and to spark inspiration (via a gorgeous book) when one’s mind is as numb (or as overheated, depending on the season) as the streets of the city might be. And this leads me to an issue that has raised my temperature enough to take some action, despite the call to general inactivity that the season tempts us with — I refer to the impending demise of said Rizzoli bookstore – the thirty year home of one of the most beautiful bookstores on the planet. As you know by now, we’ve long lamented the slow death of the physical bookseller, but this affront to all that is decent really is the last straw – there’s a wrecking ball aimed at the heart of this most beloved bastion of fine book-dom folks. Thankfully, my dear fellow bibliophiles, there ARE a few actionable things you can do to help preserve this finest of locations (and you don’t necessarily have to freeze at its doors just now to help!) Do visit the Rizzoli USA sight. Signing the petition to grant Landmark status to the space would be a good start. Apparently more than 8000 people from over 60 countries have done just this. No need to be figuratively frozen. Fight the freeze and warm some hearts with your quick action now!

photo - courtesy Rizzoli

photo – courtesy Rizzoli

Dressed to mobilize in style (photo by Nick Turner), my polar gear includes a Tom Ford era Gucci shearling jacket, cognac corduroy suit, Tom Ford plaid cotton shirt, purple wool knit tie, purple silk glenn plaid pocket square, Ralph Lauren purple alligator belt, Le Chameau wellies, Gucci peccary gloves, Hildestahl tote bag, Tom Ford “Nicolo” sunglasses and my fragrance is Creed Epicea.

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  1. Regina says:

    Mi Amor…this is what LOVE & LIGHT means – shining the Energy of your Soul to better the World! Thank you for helping with your voice worldwide!

  2. wendy woo says:

    Dear James:
    So happy to see you are proactive in getting the word out regarding the Rizzoli bookstore. I think your TF/G era shearling jacket makes a better statement than a picket sign! đŸ˜‰

  3. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Wendy Woo,

    Rizzoli is indeed a New York City landmark- what a shame it would be to lose this temple of book-dom.

    Thanks for all your tremendous support!



  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling Regina,

    Well with this wonderful platform-it is my obligation to share and shed some love and light when and where-ever possible.

    Next – End the Dolphin Slaughter in Denmark and Japan.

    Love and Light


  5. Jon Stone says:

    You are just a bundle of all things wonderful James!!

  6. I tried to sign……I think I did! And then, all of a sudden……there was some naked hunk on a horse…….loved seeing this magnificence……but I didn’t think it was YOU?

    I will check tomorrow that my signature landed in the right place!!!!!

    It is way too cold! Want to come stay in our tiny guest cottage?


  7. PS
    Caroline Kennedy…….(God bless her soul) the new ambassador to Japan (and those people LOVE HER! and they should! has spoken out against this disgusting cultural slaughter! I wrote my friend Wayne Pacelle (head of the Humane Society of the US) about this 3 years ago , or something.

    He answered me that it was a tough nut to crack as it is embedded in the culture!

    Yay Caroline Kennedy! Yay Wayne Pacelle Another shot at ending this barbaric, curl, hideous custom.

    Bravo the Humane Society of the United States!

    Send contributions!


  8. don’t we just love “autocorrect” curl…..was supposed to be “cruel”!


  9. I have been talking about the “dolphin slaughter in the cove” in Japan. Before the “internet” it was this cultural hideous monstrous barbaric thing passed down…..and it was a supposed “cultural” thing!

    No! It is just a barbaric, cruel, and hideous monstrosity.

    I will completely boycott anything Japanese……and my powerful blog will encourage the same thing.

    This must END!!!


  10. La Contessa says:

    Good of you to save the BOOK STORE!Will try to sign up!
    YOU have my boots on again!!!

  11. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penny

    There needs to be an entire post dedicated to the ending of this dolphin slaughter in Denmark and Japan.

    As well as getting people involved in the saving of Rizzoli – can you imagine what a loss – one of the most iconic book stores in the world.

    Love and Lots of Light


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