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The New Newel

James Andrew at the Newel — photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew at the Newel — photo Gabriel Everett

The new Newel?…well perhaps not exactly “new” (amazingly, the Newel has been around since the late 1930’s!), but a recent renovation of its first floor gallery certainly has given their space a fabulous new Manhattan loft feel, lending everything a bright new context.

In my own design work, I have to be well versed in a multitude of design idioms—whether I’m creating a Moroccan fantasy garden room or a modernist French salon, I often look to the hugely diverse selection at Newel, to take my interiors to that next level.

The Newel — photo Gabriel Everett

The Newel — photo Gabriel Everett

At Newel, you’ll find six floors of treasures to discover, with a combined presentation of antiques, modern art, and contemporary furniture, which is really quite perfect, as this sort of mix can be found in many homes today.

If you find yourself in town, make a point to visit Newel—they always have something there to pique one’s interest. And if you are not up to the trek, you are in luck—the Newel has recently revamped their website, providing a wonderfully seamless online shopping experience.

As mentioned, I’ve dressed the Newel windows this month—do check them out! They’ve been getting some stellar reviews.

The Newel — photo Gabriel Everett

The Newel — photo Gabriel Everett

On a quest for some fabulous “focal point” pieces (top) I’m taking time to peruse Newel’s splendid collection. I’m sporting a Tom Ford three piece suit in charcoal wool cashmere Prince of Wales plaid, purple wool knit tie and black and saddle leather loafers, Tom Ford era Gucci lavender and white striped shirt with contrast white collar and French cuffs, vintage black pearl cuff links, Turnbull and Asser grey silk pocket square, vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch and my fragrance is the very elegant Creed Spice and Wood.


  1. Marco Aurelio Cuneo says:

    So chic James!!!!

  2. Dean says:


    What a visually exciting image! And I love that you are wearing loafers with a suit! Something I often do. Can’t be bothered with shoe laces! Congrats on your gig for Newel!


  3. Matt says:

    The 21st Century Dandy! AbFab – love the look as well as the setting.

  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear Matt,

    You are so wonderful!

    Thank You!



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