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James Andrew for Newel

James Andrew at the Newel Gallery

James Andrew at the Newel Gallery - photo Gabriel Everett

I’ve always appreciated the great range of exceptional antiques and art at the Newel Gallery, and consequently it was an easy decision to make when I accepted a request to dress their gallery windows this month. With so many fabulous pieces to chose from, the real challenge lay (as is oft the case, unlimited resources or not) in the edit. That being said, I’m quite pleased with the final arrangement, which you will see, is comprised of a hugely disparate grouping of pieces—but all work quite well together, I think, creating a super chic conflation of modernist objects, art, and antique chinoiserie.

Arrangement by James Andrew at the Newel Gallery

Arrangement by James Andrew at the Newel Gallery

Do come visit the Newel to have a look at my windows (they’ll be on view through April) and to peruse the gallery’s superb collection.

On a chilly Spring day, I’m sporting a Gucci tweed topcoat, Tom Ford amber cashgora sweater, brown cotton corduroy pants, brown and white mini hounds tooth cotton shirt and brown tasseled leather loafers, Gucci sunglasses, vintage Rolex Oyster perpetual watch and my fragrance is Creed Bois du Portugal.


  1. You’re such a natty gentleman!
    You look SO wonderful, I could just shake you!!!!
    You are such a treat! I love yours choices and the way you wear them.
    you own your look.
    It’s your Jamesness!

  2. So elegantly edited and juxtaposed by the commanding blue bullfrog. Love it!

  3. La Comtesse Lola says:

    Love, love, love you, and everything you do…wish you’d do a little piece on women’s clothes, because you have such a wonderful eye…you know, 10 pieces a woman shouldn’t live without? Well, if wishes were horses…, I also thought instantly of you when I saw Dian Pernet’s latest about the Louis Vuitton made to order men’s shoe service. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk about in them, knowing your initials are hot stamped inside the shoe?

  4. Dean Farris says:

    Hi James, and WIJW,

    Great post! I always enjoy shopping for antiques in Manhattan, have not been to Newel in quite a few years though. Your look is so Milano! Ciao!


  5. Dean Farris says:


    You’ve made Newel a jewel, I am certain…


  6. Jake says:

    Simply Stunning!

  7. James Andrew says:

    Dear Comtesse Lola,

    Thank You for your wonderful comment and feedback!

    I am fascinated with style and very interested in women’s clothing,fashion and style as well.

    Did you have a glimpse of my post on the brilliant young designer Chadwick Bell?


    I look forward to sharing more like this.



  8. Jualferx says:

    Todo esta maravilloso James!!! Felices pascuas. Abrazos desde Colombia.

  9. James Andrew says:

    Querido Juan,

    Muchas Gracias!

    Abrazos y Besos


  10. Just love your blog site! And obviously love you too! The School of Flaunt Divas are honored to be your friend!

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