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James Andrew – Tennis!

As a boy, tennis was one of the only sports that I actually enjoyed and had some success at, and my high school was pretty progressive offering it year round! Team sports never appealed to me much – with individual sports, how well or poorly you do is completely up to you, you only have yourself to answer to!

I continued to play here and there throughout my life, but less and less frequently as time went on. This past week I was in Bedford NY with a dear client who plays with a tennis pro. She insisted that I bat a few balls around. Somewhat reluctantly I agreed – it really had been some time since I’d picked up a racquet. Well it was an instant reconnect for me – and reminded me of the pleasure I’d taken in tennis. Thankfully a few years ago I scored a fab pair of Tom Ford tennis shorts (read: hot pants), so now being already well attired, I am happy to say I am back in the game! Tennis anyone?

I’m photographed wearing an old school 70s style tennis ensemble – Tom Ford ivory tennis shorts, Uniqlo cotton mesh shirt, Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes, Cartier Tank Divan, and a Head tennis racquet.


  1. Dean says:

    Fun James!

    I used to play at the Vertical Club along side Mary McFadden!

    Exercise is so important as we age, and it really gets you “out of yourself”


  2. You look just like Adam did in the seventies and eighties…..! He wore Fila shorts (hot pants) and shirts……they are cool also!

    same racquet and shoes! And we know Stan Smith!!! And all these oldies and goodies! Marty Riessen, Jimmy Connors!!!Adam has played with that great Australian, Rod Laver! Adam had to have a knee replacement three months ago! 50 years of great tennis! Don’t overdo it!

    You look fantastic on the court!


  3. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean

    It sure is !

    Thrilled to be back on the court!

    All Best


  4. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope,

    Oh how marvelous!!!!

    He most have been rather chic and sexy!

    Thrilled to be playing tennis again and love of course doing it Old School!

    When do you come to NYC ?

    Much Love


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