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Sebastian Errazuriz an James Andrew

Sebastian Errazuriz and James Andrew

We had the great pleasure of meeting with the Chilean-born artist Sebastian Errazuriz at his Brooklyn studio recently (Robert Couturier introduced us a few months ago, and having been quite captivated by the artist, we’d been itching to see his work in person). We also do love to hear of inspirational lives, and Errazuriz’s certainly fits the bill.

A Church of One – Sebastian Errazuriz

A Church of One – Sebastian Errazuriz

“I don’t know where the line is between art and design” says Errazuriz. The fact is, he seamlessly blends both worlds — the functional and the poetic, a talent that caught Sotheby’s eye early on in Errazuriz’s career while the auction house was looking for exceptional 20th century Latin designers. Of course this sort of talent had been honed from a very young age — Errazuriz recounts his father, ( a respected art professor), required a 5 year old Errazuriz to have a working art historical and critical knowledge of a visiting Turner exhibition! It seems the stars were aligned from the start, and in his teens and twenties, Errazuriz made a rather meteoric assent in Chile — from art and design columnist to television host to celebrated art activist (of particular note was his Tree Memorial at the national soccer stadium to honor those many who suffered under the oppressive Pinochet dictatorship).

Magistral Cabinet - Sebastian Errazuriz

Magistral Cabinet – Sebastian Errazuriz

Though having spent much of his money on public art projects in Chile, the young artist set his sights on NYC, and it’s not surprising that he was offered scholarships both at NYU AND Columbia! After receiving his Masters at NYU, Erraziz set up a studio, and soon gained representation at the prestigious Christina Grajales Gallery here in NYC and also later with Salon 94.



And what of the future? “I work hard and fast,” he tells us. “If I consider the work done to date and consider another four decades of work, I hope to be looking at a giant exhibition with over 15.000 drawings, 1500 maquettes, and some 1500 major works of different kind. Add some 75 large scale Public art interventions; all in all its my little illustrated encyclopedia of how the world can be looked at again differently by everyone.”

Needless to say, we’ll be watching with bated breath! Do take a moment to peruse his website meetsebastian.com and his Instagram feed: @sebastianstudio

For our studio visit picture (top) we’re seated in front of Errazuriz’s monumental work entitled Blow Me. I’m sporting a Tom Ford camel cashmere silk jacket with suede elbow patches, lavender and white striped cotton Oxford cloth shirt, purple wool knit tie, vintage orange and purple silk plaid pocket square, Mackintosh brown micro corduroy down vest, pearl cuff links, Polo Ralph Lauren purple cotton corduroy pants and purple alligator belt with sterling buckle, Etro orange suede tasseled loafers, vintage Rolex and my fragrance is Creed Windsor — a bit of Tom Ford bronzing gel for a mid winter touch of sun.

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