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James Andrew and Scott McBee Xmas 2008

James Andrew and Scott McBee Xmas 2008

While this time of year can be pretty beautiful, Christmas and the new year is approaching quickly, and all of the holiday mayhem might find a few of us feeling a bit frazzled! Looking back into the WIJW archives, it seems that not much has changed, and neither has my message: take time to savor the moment!

Today’s WIJW retro image is from way back in 2008 in a post we called Savoring the Moment that was in turn inspired by a 1948 House & Garden photo, re-interpreted with the help of my beloved Scott McBee and the rest of the WIJW creative staff.

House & Garden December 1948

House & Garden December 1948

Taking a moment to relax and enjoy the moment is one of those rare luxuries, and this time of year is perfect for reflecting and being grateful for all of the good things.


It’s been a stellar year, although of course, there have been those occasional bumps in the road! We learn from them, and move on with gratitude. We’ve always felt that a state of thanks is a good (read: the only) place to come from in everything we do, and today we’d especially like to direct our thanks to all of YOU for your tremendous support and enthusiasm for what we do here at WIJW!

For our retro xmas post, I’m wearing a red velvet and satin trim dinner jacket, white cotton tuxedo shirt, black and white silk polka dot bow tie, black wool tuxedo pant, black patent leather evening shoes – all by Gucci, and black pearl cufflinks Seaman Schepps. My table is set with a pair of silver candleabra from George N Antiques, vintage christofle serving dishes and trays, Baccarat “Brummel” glasses, plates are Black Aves by Royal Crown Derby, New kings silver forks by Ralph Lauren, Van Day Truex designed decanters Baccarat for Tiffany, hot pink linen napkins Muriel Grateau Paris, dining table by Sarinen for Knoll.



  1. Regina says:

    It’s these captured moments of Love, these visions of ourselves at our most shimmering Beauty, that will carry us in the future years to come…MEMORIES. What a small word for something WE each are given, an endless basket of them…carry yours with much Happiness.

    Merry Christmas James and Scott

  2. Dean says:


    JOYEUX NOEL ! You are always the gracious host!

    That picture of you and McBee could just as well have been taken in Newport or Edinburgh!


  3. La Contessa says:

    I like YOUR Table better then the MAGAZINE!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS………….the outfit is GORGEOUS!

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Exquisite Friend Regina,


    Your wonderful words are such a treat- I am always moved by your eloquence!

    Memories – ah yes – of love and beauty – I do indeed savour them and carry them with much happiness!

    A Very Merry Xmas to you and yours!

    What does the pavillion look like at Xmas btw?

    Much Love,


  5. Regina says:

    We are in construction site. Vintage swimming pool and surrounding hardscape remodel. We waited for months for a certain contractor, drained pool, tore out walkways and pool surround, and of course a deluge then came the first week of work.

    Now I know what is better than a magic spell – perhaps better than a RainDance for next drought in California – empty pool, blowup existing hard scape and open umbrella for rain!

    I do though have an old Scully & Scully glittered Florentine papered tree out with a glittering sprinkling of vintage Theatre of Dreams Christmas pieces. XOX

  6. Danny says:

    Oh James!
    Seasons Greetings- and Only The Best for 2015!
    X, D

  7. James Andrew says:

    Oh No Regina,

    Well I guess you all desperately needed the rain- sorry to hear about all the chaos.

    I can’t wait to see the end result!

    It is lovely and sometimes sufficient to just have a “sprinkling” of Xmas.

    Much Love and All Best


  8. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Danny,

    Thank You!

    and yes here is to a marvelous 2015!



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