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Savoring the Moment

Taking a moment to relax and enjoy the moment is one of those rare luxuries, and this time of year is perfect for reflecting and being grateful for all of the good things. It is in this spirit that I was inspired to recreate the vintage House & Garden, Dec. 1948 photo (see right) that my friends at the Peak of Chic blogged recently. Celebrating the moment here with my beloved Scott McBee, I want to thank the many readers of W.I.J.W. for making our first few months so wonderful – “What is James Wearing?” is being read in over 20 countries now, and is being pitched as a TV show on a major network! Special thanks to all the fine galleries, design resources, and to my dear friend, Alex Scott, for all of his help and support in making this blog possible.

I am wearing a red velvet and satin trim dinner jacket, white cotton tuxedo shirt, black and white silk polka dot bow tie, black wool tuxedo pant, black patent leather evening shoes – all by Gucci, and black pearl cufflinks Seaman Schepps.

My table is set with a pair of silver candleabra from George N Antiques, vintage christofle serving dishes and trays, Baccarat “Brummel” glasses, plates are Black Aves by Royal Crown Derby, New kings silver forks by Ralph Lauren, Van Day Truex designed decanters Baccarat for Tiffany, hot pink linen napkins Muriel Grateau Paris, dining table by Sarinen for Knoll.


  1. wendy says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful recreation of that moment. Best wishes for continued success in the new year!

  2. Gallery33llc says:

    Stunningly perfect re-creation. Love the setting on the Warren Platner dining table! Great style!

  3. all the best says:

    It’s absolutely brilliant James!! Much love to you and Scott! Merry Christmas!

  4. all the best says:

    Forgot to mention that Black Aves by Royal Crown Derby is my absolute favorite!!

  5. Juan says:

    Dear James your table its wondefull, but is not Sarinem, is a Platner table.

    Best Regard from Punta del Este, Uruguay


  6. James Andrew says:

    Oops, you are absolutely right Juan, of course – Platner! We look forward to your guidance next time we travel to Uruguay.

    Best for the New Year!


  7. Horst says:

    Ich liebe diesen Blog!!! Sehr informativ.


  8. Simon says:

    James: J’adore you. You consistently make me smile. I’m “Abrahaming” you into my booth at the NYIGF in Jan. Pier 94. You must. XO Happy New Year.

  9. hansaxel says:

    Merry Christmas James! Your blog is awesome – I’ve been following it for quite a while and I just love it!… and this last pic is brilliant!!

  10. johnny says:

    Thanks for good post.

  11. Juan says:

    Happy New Year, James¡¡¡

  12. Sascha says:

    hm. james so much allure, diana vreeland would hate you.
    i love your book cases and the fact that you pile up the books on the floor, you never can have to much books i guess, and to much silver.
    happy new year

  13. Guus says:

    Wonderful table, James, and that red velvet jacket is just luscious! Best wishes for 2009.

  14. MaryBeth says:

    James, I love that you recreated that lovely shot, I would say your version looks better. Hope you had a great holiday and have a happy new year. xo MB

  15. James Andrew says:

    Thanks to everyone for your fine comments!

  16. SQUI says:

    Love the deconstructed values in this photograph that give it the perfect vintage feel for this concept.

    Well done.

  17. Miguelle says:

    Always fond of rich colors and pictures, I cannot help but find this image alluring since its scene ennobles my affection for worldly delights…Scott, with the flavor of red wine on his lips, sweetly captures a god-like nectar in this resplendent holiday gift of an indulgence. It’s truly an empyrean snapshot where the art of confidence gives providential license to all that is miraculously fine and deliciously exhilarating, faithfully captivating the lustre of life amidst a diffusion of refinement and good taste.

  18. susan crater says:

    Hi James
    I met you at our book party at Gerald Blands(his wife Mita was the artist of our recent book). We wanted to send you an invitation to the launch of our new sister parish design home accessories collection. What is the best email to send it to?
    All best

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