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Monaco in Manhattan

James Andrew - Monaco in Manhattan

James Andrew – Monaco in Manhattan

Often this time of year finds the artist, Scott McBee, and I returning from a spectacular jaunt to Capri, the South of France, or some other sublime seaside destination – this year our getaway is not happening until a little later in the summer, August to be exact – but this hasn’t stopped me from playing out some of my luxurious holiday fantasies…and of course dressing for the part!

When McBee asked me to join him to look at a yacht for a potential portrait commission, I very happily donned the very best South of France ensemble I could pull together to help create a strolling-through-Monaco-yacht-club scenario. Well, the Chelsea Piers Marina here in New York City is certainly no Monaco but there were actually quite a handfull of rather impressive yachts to be seen!

McBee as you may know, is a well know nautical portraitist and many of his grand-scale portraits of the iconic vessels of yesteryear are represented in major museum collections. Needless to say, he has become rather sought after for contemporary yacht portraits as well. In all of his work, McBee brings a sensitivity to the continuity and historic importance of yacht design, inextricably linking the owners of today’s prestigious vessels with those of the moghuls and royalty of the past.

For my Monaco-Yacht-Club look, I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci navy cotton pique jacket, royal and white dot print Tom Ford shirt, royal silk pocket square, white Uniqlo jeans, pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, a Kiel James ‘Patrick Brigg’s Capeside Docks’ white braided belt, vintage Rolex, royal blue suede espadrilles by Ralph Lauren, and my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.


  1. Mark S. Flood says:

    James you look sensational! I love the espadrilles! Wonderful splash of colour! Looking forward to you next look already! X

  2. No one; I repeat no one; but you could “personify Monaco in Manhattan”!!

    Bravo! And “bingo! You hit it!

    (At least the last time I was there! Tons of chic people! )

    who knows what has been “torn asunder”!

    (I hate to sound negative……even worse, cynical……there are just different visitors, I hear, at my fave old places……James! Go there! Teach them how to dress! Inspire them!

    YOU may be able to save the “sartorial world”!!

    Great article in the New York Times yesterday about “grandfathers inspiring grandsons” to dress elegantly!

    HOORAY!! There is still hope!


  3. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope,

    Thank You for being so delicious!

    I just refuse to succumb to the demise of “Sartorial Splendour”!

    By celebrating myself and all the fabulous places I visit , I certainly hope I can inspire others to want to accentuate their experiences and those around them by bringing their own brand of chic to every

    I did not see the NYT article – do you have the link?

    You would adore my friends at M. de Phocas – 2 very young men inspired by the elegance of their grandfathers started a lovely line of men’s accessories the chicest cuff links et al.


    Looking forward to spending time with you in Montecito!



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