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Liz O’Brien

James Andrew - Liz O'Brian at the Winter Antiques Show. photo by Justin Williams

The Liz O’Brien gallery is one of my NYC favorites. There you’ll find a truly stunning selection of pieces by legendary designers and design houses of the 20th Century like Maison Jansen, Tony Duquette, Albert Hadley, and Francis Elkins to name a few. I’d be thrilled to own most any of the many pieces I find on display at her super chic gallery; O’Brien is indeed an invaluable resource for many avid collectors as well as designers like myself who have come to rely on her expertise and exquisite taste. As you have probably surmised, I share her passion for the iconic masters of the 20th century, and love the excitement, spark, and historical interest they can add to a fine interior.

I was of course thrilled to visit with O”Brien while she was exhibiting at the very prestigious Winter Antiques Show, and it isn’t surprising that she had one of the most attractive displays at the show! O’Brien decorated her booth with a sophisticated Syrie Maugham wallpaper named Tree of Life (now produced by Studio Printworks) in gray, which created a gorgeous backdrop to the many rather magnificent pieces she brought with her.

I’m particularly wild about the settee made by Maison Jansen for Lady Louis Mountbatten’s bedroom in Brook House, London, and I’m also quite taken by a pair of Italian Blackamoor tables, and the most beautiful chandelier by Baguès—together, these would make a perfect foundation for the most absolutely ravishing room!

Maison Jansen scalloped-back settee—provenance, Mountbatten Residence.

Blackamoor tables. Italian, c. 1920.

Baguès nine-light chandelier in bronze with rock crystal pendants.

Taking a few moments with Liz O’Brien, I’m sporting a red leather motor cycle jacket by Gucci , red and white striped cotton shirt with contrast white collar and cuffs by Turnbull and Asser, wool tartan tie by Ralph Lauren, Seaman Schepps grey pearl cuff links, Alexander McQueen herringbone wool tweed cargo style pants, black leather wingtip tasseled loafers and black patent and silver leather belt with grommets both by Gucci, my fragrance is Creed Windsor. Photos by Justin Williams.


  1. Cassandra says:

    On a grey, bitter London day, with a raging hangover – your blog is just the most marvellous read.

  2. Dean says:

    This is a chic gentleman in a very chic setting!

  3. Sophie says:

    This room was stunning already—but much enhanced by your mug, James!

  4. Jason Puiia says:

    You look playfully chic just like the Liz O’brien Gallery!

  5. That settee makes my heart race. It’s stunning.

  6. james says:

    Just read your interview on NYSD. I loved it and your apartment! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Aaron says:

    Off topic, but I enjoyed the interview in today’s NYSD.

  8. Christian Fuchs says:

    There are so many wonderful things at Liz O´Brien´s gallery, I would like to own some of them 😉

    btw love your portrait!



  9. Lil´Lilly says:

    OMG this chanderlier could look beautiful in my living room!



  10. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Lieber James,

    Du hast so ein grosses Glück! Ich würde gerne ein Paar von diesen schönen Sachen kaufen, wir müssen definitiv zusammen zu dieser Gallerie gehen!


    Deine Mara

  11. Lola Montes says:

    Qué maravilla de objetos, me encanta el settee, es una belleza, se vería muy bien en mi casa!



  12. James Andrew says:


    Thank You for your support! I am thrilled with the NYSD story and I will share parts of it here on WIJW.

    Did you see the front page with the fantastic intro by David Patrick Columbia?


    Scroll down to the bottom of this link to view.



  13. Pearl Hammond says:

    I adore the blackamoor tables…….

  14. Secret Admirer says:

    Dear James,

    love the way you look today!


  15. Leo says:

    Brilliant James, as tasteful as always!

  16. Francois says:

    the NYSD story is great – I could kill for that collection of old Wallpaper magazines – I gave mine away some time a ago, a big big mistake

  17. La Boheme says:

    I found you via Scot over at The Adventures of Tartanscot. Really enjoyed your interview and wow, what a home you have! Congratulations on your feature!

  18. grey hustle says:

    i love the wallpaper. your shirt is fresh and looks wonderful with the jacket.

  19. JayneP says:

    James: I hope I may call you by your first name; your NYSD interview sort of broke my heart; not all Jehovah’s Witnesses would disown a family member. I understand their reasons for concern, but shunning is not a thing to do with loved ones! Believe it or not, it probably hurts them more than you. You got a raw deal, and it has nothing to do with religion. You are a charming young man! Thanks for your delightful posts.

  20. Danielle C says:

    great portraits
    great looking man
    et al

  21. James Andrew says:

    Dear Cassandra,

    Thank You for your wonderful comment- I am so happy to hear that WIJW
    can be helpful with the curing of a hangover.



  22. James Andrew says:

    Hello JayneP,

    Thank You for your lovely words!

    I am very touched by all the wonderful support and feedback I am getting!



  23. danny.g says:

    Oh James!

    Just came across your profile on NYSD… Just as I am having a domestic crisis with my slob boyfriend, who can’t even curate the defrosting of a fridge, let alone the workings of a vacuum, I access your bachelor pad and see one lovely directoire chest after another pair of Windsor candlesticks…. and you channelling the perfect look of a 70’s GQ cover daddy!

    He and I get on really well and are quite social here in London…. members at Ivy Club, Soho House etc..holiday on Capri, and (as I discovered scanning your site) the featured Hotel Principe etc, but all those pristine interiors and amazing locations, somehow have not convinced him to adapt the cleanliness is next to Godliness adage.

    What should I do???? (Agony Aunt/Relationship Advice). Should I break up with him for not dusting the picture rails?

    In anticipation, Danny.

  24. Dean says:

    Love Danny’s comment from Londres

  25. James Andrew says:

    Hello danny.g,

    Thanks for your faith in me to perhaps offer some advice, although I am not sure I am the best source.

    It sounds like the two of you are sharing a wonderful life together.

    Does your “slob boyfriend” realize how much his lack of cleanliness upsets you?

    You may want to have a conversation with him, start off sharing all the things you like about him and your relationship together and then explain exactly how his sloppiness makes you feel.

    Lastly , perhaps before considering a break up ,consider hiring a house keeper.

    We look forward to hearing about the speedy resolution of this issue.



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