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Jardin du Luxembourg

James Andrew at the Luxembourg Gardens

James andrew in front of the 17th century Italian Manerist style Fontaine de Medicis and grotto flanked by rows of ancient draped ivy and beautiful stone urns at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

After an exhilarating visit with Christophe d’Aboville at David Hicks France we could not resist taking a stroll through the nearby Jardin du Luxembourg – one of most handsome parks in Paris.

Luxembourg Garden.

The Luxembourg Garden.

Monumental alleys of chestnut trees, an octagonal basin where children joyfully captain their toy sailboats, and lovely nineteenth century statuary (female saints and queens) installed during the reign of Louis-Philippe – all make for a consummately serene place to clear one’s head and contemplate the passage of time – and when wearied from walking, one of the many classic garden chairs will surely entice one to a quiet repose. There is something so deeply admirable about the sense of civic pride the French take with respect to their formally royal gardens and to the city of Paris in general, it’s hard to imagine how a place like this could exist anywhere else.

The gorgeousness of this morning has certainly put me in the mood to enjoy a luxurious lunch – so I am off to Arpege.


  1. Dean says:


    Love it all !


  2. THAT JACKET – wow, I have never seen anything like it.

  3. SQUI says:

    What a marvelous park! The timeless beauty in architecture and the sculpted arbors enchant the senses as only Jardin du Luxembourg can. The Italian Manerist is breathtaking even on a day that the sun hides behind les nuages.

  4. catherine says:

    Cher Andrew, it is so wonderful to have been brought up to date by sartorial splendour which is on a level with mine. ‘You Go!’as they say in your century.

    I remain, your royal audience.


  5. Sam says:

    Heavenly photos of one of the prettiest gardens in Paris!

  6. Abraham V. says:

    JAAAAAMES! J’aime le Jardin du Luxembourg!!! C’est fantastique!! Et plus dans le printemps!!!

  7. Bruno says:

    I love this garden. Always an enjoyable place whatever the seasons. The flowers picture is beyond!

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