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David Hicks France

James Andrew at David Hicks France.

James Andrew at David Hicks France.

The Telegraph’s description of me as an “updated David Hicks” has brought WIJW into contact with some amazing people – most notably with Ashley and India Hicks, and not too long ago, with Christophe d’Aboville, creative director of David Hicks France, who expressed his appreciation for what we do and graciously extended an invitation to visit him at the Hicks boutique in Paris. You may have heard me say “imagination = reality” – well here we are.

James Andrew in front of the David Hicks France boutique.

The David Hicks France boutique opened in 1973 on Rue de Tourmon, just across the street from the first Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutique, providing Hicks’ already famous London brand exposure to an enthusiastic and ultra sophisticated Parisian set. Needless to say the boutique was a huge success, and continued to inspire and excite for many years. Sadly as is often the case, things do have a tendency to run their course, and by the time d’Aboville took over as creative director in the early 2000s, he tells us, the boutique had become a shadow of its former self. Fortunately for all of us, Hicks’ extensive archive was still intact and d’Aboville, (who has had a lifelong passion for Hicks’ work), was able to recreate with great sensitivity many of Hicks’ most brilliant designs while adding a few well placed touches of his own as well. Now, through d’Aboville and owner Marie Dominique Cunaud, we are very happy to say the unbelievably rich, and wildly optimistic Hicks fabrics, carpets, furniture designs, wallpapers, and accessories are available to us once again!

Christophe d'Aboville creations at David Hicks France

Christophe d'Aboville creations at David Hicks France

Being a huge Hicks fan myself it probably goes without saying that I was thrilled to have been able to spend some time with d’Aboville and to share in our mutual appreciation for the Hicks legacy. If only I could talk d’Aboville into creating a David Hicks New York! – lets start imagining….

From the David Hicks France site.

In the Hicks spirit (top), I’m wearing a paper thin leather jacket in turquoise, purple and black, a pale purple and white striped cotton shirt with white contrast collar and french cuffs, both by Gucci, precious turquoise cuff links by Seaman Schepps, vintage Cartier tank watch from Raj Tolaram, floral print tie by Tom Ford, gray wool pants by Paul Smith, silver, chain link belt by Gucci, black leather “Windsor” loafers by Yves Saint Laurent and my fragrance is Creed Windsor.


  1. littleaugury says:

    Too-to die for chic. pgt

  2. Juan Moliné says:

    Hola James,

    Fantástico Hicks!!!…. Me encanta!!! Son ideales las fotos.


  3. What terrific plates! I want them!

  4. You do blend so well with those glorious colors!

  5. James Andrew says:

    Thank you all for the fantastic feedback!

    I was thrilled to get a set of those gorgeous plates.

    Dessert anyone?

  6. Dean Farris says:

    James !

    What a fabtastic post ! Amazing images, demonstrating the power of COLOR !!! WOW !


  7. Christian Fuchs says:

    Dear James,

    I love the way you look with all these fabrics and design objects!



  8. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Sehr coole Farben, Hicks hatte echt guten Geschmack!

    Liebe Grüsse

    Marie FvS

  9. Lola Montes says:

    lindos colores!yo también quiero ir a la boutique de Hicks en París!



  10. Maria La Torre says:

    James, tú siempre estás en el lugar correcto en el momento correcto, eres un ejemplo de vida!



  11. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Es war eine gute Idee die Boutique von Hicks zu besuchen, ich war auch mal dort, es gibt sehr schöne Sachen!

    Hab eine schöne Woche


  12. laura says:

    amazing colors and patterns!
    i really like your jacket

  13. Monsieur James, the alluring,amazing,brights colors are so full of life!What is life without colors? The attention that it has captured me with pinks and fushcias along with the sharp,beautiful lines,and strong-powerful designs are classically TIMELESS! It uplifts your spirits like no other.Bravo to the EPITOME of David Hicks and the creations of Christophe d’Aboville,a collaboration that one has to take defeat from and has conquered one’s heart without realization.


  14. Eugenia Drummond says:

    Dear James!

    I think David Hicks would be very proud of you…….it was a great idea to visit his boutique in Paris!



  15. Maria Paula says:

    Me gusta mucho como te has vestido y cómo juegas tan armónicamente con todos los colores que están a tu alrededor!

    saludos desde el DF

    Maria Paula

  16. Edie B. says:

    I would love to have one of those fabrics…….

    lots of love,


  17. Bruno says:

    Here is your David Hicks story! What a colourful and joyful place! Your leather jacket totally fits with this amazing place!

  18. Jules Reid says:

    Can you buy these David hicks pieces from the USA? How can I order?

  19. James Andrew says:

    Hi Jules,

    I would contact David Hicks France via their website- I am sure you can arrange to order whatever you like, just be sure to tell them WIJW sent you.



  20. Ashley Sharpe says:

    I have been trying to reach the boutique about getting pictures of the David Hicks lamps, or their glaze samples. I can never reach anyone there. Is the boutique still open? There is no website or email contact available, either…

  21. PEPA CHARLTON says:

    James, dearest JAMES, from Madrid, every day I check for your news.
    You are simply the best, Please if you ever came to Madrid I would host a party to introduce your glamour to my friends.
    Best regards

  22. James Andrew says:

    Well Pepa,

    Funny you should suggest this- I am trying to organize a trip to Madrid in June- I want to stay at Hotel Villa Magna –


    Let me know if you have any connection also I will plan a visit to Ibiza and Mallorca.

    I look forward to chatting.



  23. PEPA CHARLTON says:

    James please I am not kidding I want you to meet all my glamorous friends, see if you can come around the 9th, we are hosting an art exihibition and will invite the most relevant people from Madrid, all your style.
    best regards keep me posted

  24. PEPA CHARLTON says:

    morning, it is very easy to take a plane to either Ibiza o Mallorca from Madrid, get into the web of air europa . But please try to be in on the 9th oj June, I am organizing an exhibition for Santiago castillo, he is super, and his brother is the coolest interior designer in MADRID, WE WILL SHOW YOU THEIR HOUSE, IT IS A DREAM. Get into Lorezo CASTILLO.com and see what I mean.
    Keep me posted

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