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Interior Designer as Real Estate Advisor

James Andrew - Financial District, NYC

James Andrew – Financial District, NYC

As an interior designer, I’m often called upon to take on many other less defined roles. We’ve mentioned, I often act as art advisor, but my role often extends well beyond being a decorator; in fact, I work with many of my clients and a network of realtors to pinpoint the perfect home when need be—essentially acting as a real estate advisor. I’m able to save all involved a great deal of time and effort, since I’m preeminently qualified to assess what one can do, decoratively as well as architecturally, with a space. I can then determine if a space is worth actually showing my client.

I spent the day today with a very special client and a realtor friend exploring New York City’s Financial District (think old-school Gotham). We saw several possibilities with some solid investment potential, and I look forward to sharing the whole process here on WIJW; from finding the perfect place, to renovation, and finally to decoration!

Exploring downtown, I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci black cotton corduroy jacket and black and white striped cotton shirt, Ralph Lauren ivory cotton cable knit shawl collared cardigan and black alligator belt with sterling buckle, Le Noued Papillion off white and black polka dot silk ascot, J Brand Kane jean, Pierre Hardy cobalt suede demi boots, vintage Rolex, Tom Ford “Marco” sunglasses and my fragrance is Lorenzo Villoresi, Garafano. Its base of carnation, rose, and geranium has me feeling like a modern day dandy.


  1. Valentino B says:

    I LOOOOVE this outfit! It’s different from what you normally wear. It’s casual chic and you pull it off really well. Makes you look younger too!

  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Valentino B,

    Thank You!

    Yes I thought it fun to share different sides of my personal style.

    Also recently re-acquired a fab old book I adored as a child – Dressing Right by Charles Hix.

    There are some rather fab style inspirations to be had from that wonderfully elegant,glamorous and decadent late 1970’s.



  3. jon k says:

    love an ascot

  4. James Andrew says:

    Well My Dear jon k,

    You certainly know how to rock an ascot!

    Can’t wait to have you back in NYC!



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