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Interior Couture

James Andrew in a Jean Nouvel space.

I approach my interior design projects as a couturier. I tailor a concept for each client that fits their taste and lifestyle as I would the most perfectly fitted garment – luxuriously comfortable custom designed upholstered furniture – custom designed fabrics and carpets – every detail, highly considered. I bring together brilliant artisans, builders, painters and valuable resources I’ve collected over the years to create truly bespoke rooms. It really gives me such immense pleasure creating these spaces for my clients and seeing the transformation that takes place.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the most spectacular penthouse. My friend, and Douglas Elliman agent, Philp Tabor (who works with the brilliant Holly Parker team) gave me a tour of this master piece by Jean Nouvel – the perfect blank canvas – ready for me to take to that sublime level! More about Nouvel Chelsea in an upcoming post as we bring some of the most important real estate to WIJW.

I’m sporting a mint green cotton twill suit by Gucci, Tom Ford shirt in pale blue cotton with french cuffs and contrast white collar and brown suede tasseled loafers, Seaman Schepps cuff links are silver pearls with pale blue sapphires, python belt with silver buckle by Gucci, pocket square in white linen with pale blue embroidered borders from Baumons my fragrance is Creed Royal Water.


  1. Brian J Cook says:

    Thank you for the mention, James and WOW!! What a fantastic photo and post. Beautiful space to work with! Brian

  2. María La Torre says:

    James, tú siempre estás en los mejores lugares, vaya Penthouse! Me encanta la vista y ese traje verde menta te queda increíble, no dejas de impresionarme!



  3. Christian Fuchs says:

    Amazing mint green suit my dear James, you look really great. You have the best ideas!



  4. Pink Cinnamon says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  5. Brent Barrett says:

    What a great way to relate interior design. I always have doubted myself when it comes to interior design, but this gives me a new perspective to look at things.

  6. Matt says:

    You look dropdead gorgeous in that suit!!!
    Best outfit of the summer.
    Love it.

    Great space, looking forward to see how that space will evolve after the JA magic.

  7. Edie B. says:

    Darling u must come to my place, I need your help and exquisite taste…….

  8. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Was für eine schöne Sicht! Dein Anzug gefällt mir sehr gut!

    Herzliche Grüsse,


  9. Lola Montes says:

    Me encanta, te queda regio ese terno verde, me encanta la idea que trabajes a la medida!



  10. The yellow tape was the perfect complement to offset the colors in that gorgeous outfit. Clever.

  11. Linda says:

    You look like a Fred Astaire movie about to begin! Wonderful!


  12. Marty Mitchell says:


  13. Soren Romer says:

    If I saw that suit on a rack, my first thought would be that it was a left-over from the Miami Vice-collection.. But you make it work in a very contemporary way. Great job, James!

  14. DeanFarris says:


    Oh the glamour of a NYC penthouse ! I love the way you are striking a pose here. I find the relationship between real estate and interior design most interesting.

    Dean *****

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