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Fall Must Have – Gucci Tweed Topcoat


I’m not sure if it was my recent viewing of the breathtakingly beautiful BBC mini series Brideshead Revisited that has rekindled my interest, but I’m fantasizing about a sojourn in the UK and perhaps a jaunt into the misty Highlands of Scotland!

For Fall/Winter it’s all about tweed and tartan for me. Each season I take inventory of what pieces I’ll need to really create totally pulled together looks, along with a myriad of accessories, including hats, shoes, gloves, etc.

I’ve realized that I’m a bit lacking in earthier colors and textured fabrics and I could really use some more fabulous tweeds! Luckily this Season brings us a spectacular selection of tweed checks, tartans, and plaids.

I came across this handsome hounds tooth check tweed topcoat in shades of brown, oatmeal, olive and burnt orange by Gucci – ask and ye shall receive! This is one of the many pieces I’ve acquired for Fall/Winter to bump things up a notch or two. I can see sporting this outrageous piece with the burnt orange Gucci kicks featured in yesterday’s post (if I manage to get my size) or perhaps with the Etro orange suede loafers I featured in my Spring/Summer Must Haves that are still begging to be worn.


  1. tartanscot says:

    o.m.g. – we should totally meet in Scotland for New Years! lol! and, damn, that coat is yummers!

  2. As a Scot I am constantly amused by the way tartan regularly re-emerges in the fashion mainstream. I have become less rigorous in my choice of kilt tartans, permitting myself choices based on colour and pattern, rather than family or clan affiliation.

    At the twice yearly international television program market in Cannes I turn up kilted every time; this time in a yellow-and-black McLeod kilt, which conforms with the corporate colours of the pay cable channel I am involved with in Germany.

    I wonder when Gucci will come up with a doublet which could pass as Highland Dress?

  3. Dean says:

    James, It is gorgeous. You have superb taste.

  4. I’m from those misty Scottish highlands and my grandfather was a Harris tweed weaver. You go for it James, I bet you, and only you, could even pull of a burnt orange turtle neck with this overcoat.

    Ocht, that’s the rain on now and it’s turning dark here so I’m just going to crack open a wee dram…cheers!

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