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James Andrew – a wonderful weekend with the chicest of friends in Connecticut.

James Andrew – a wonderful weekend with the chicest of friends in Connecticut.

Any opportunity to spend a weekend in the country is appreciated – the Vuitton is packed in no time and I’m on the next train out of the city. What makes one of these getaways really special though is when it is to be spent with someone like my friend Christina!

I’ve known her for quite a few years – we met while she lived in New York City, but she married and joined her husband in LA. It goes without saying that I’ve been missing her quite a lot. Thankfully she and her family recently decided to relocate to Connecticut, and they’ve found themselves the marvelous Neo-Regency style house pictured above. The house is perfection – I have to say, I’d move there in a heartbeat! It’s imbued with Christina’s elegant and carefree brand of chic, and I feel sure it will be gracing the pages of interior design magazines before long.

The weekend was all wonderfully festive – gorgeous children, attractive husband, as well as a divine collection of dogs – and we celebrated our lovely get-together with delicious food and wines. I hope to return in the not too distant future! In the meantime, I have Christina on the lookout for a similar home for me and Scott McBee!

For our weekend in the country, I’m sporting a vintage Lodenfre loden wool cape (c. 1970s), a Tom Ford era Gucci hand knit brown wool sweater, Uniqlo brown cashmere turtleneck sweater, Polo Ralph Lauren blue wool tweed pants and brown leather sneakers, Tom Ford London fragrance, and a bit of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel for a healthy glow.


  1. James Andrew says:

    Dear The Devoted Classicist,

    It is the most marvelous manse- perfect for me – keep your eyes open for something similar for me!

    All Best and Many Thanks


  2. Dean says:

    Love painted brick!

  3. James Andrew says:

    Darling Dean,

    My friend’s house is a dream!

    So happy to have her near!

    All best


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