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James Andrew

James Andrew

One doesn’t need an excuse to be extra festive this time of year. Dinner and cocktail parties abound – and many of you out there are sharing your most sublime take on black tie.

I am a huge fan of the Duke of Windsor’s classic tartan for evening dress, and I also love mixing tartan and velvet. Ralph Lauren has offered some more modern versions of this (as did Tom Ford several years ago) which I absolutely adore – certainly one of his strongest collections.

And of course one must not miss the finishing touches. My friends at Le Noeud Papillon, the Sydney based atelier, are doing the most tremendous things with bow ties – my favorite is the Majestic Black Set. It’s the most perfect size and shape of bow tie in brilliant black satin with matching cummerbund. Certainly something to elevate one’s ensemble to sublime levels. As you can see in the photos, I recently paired the Majestic Black Set with a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit to great effect if I do say so myself!

Le Noeud Papillon Majestic Black set

Le Noeud Papillon Majestic Black set

Nicholas Atgemis, founder of Le Noeud Papillon, recently shared some splendid thoughts with me on the subject of the bow tie, “[It] remains a symbol of intellectual free thought and a fearlessness in navigating through society….It eschews all of society’s conventional wisdom and says, ‘I think for myself.'”

Makes me want to wear a bow tie more often!

In addition to expanding our own collection of black tie accessories – these make for some rather glorious gifts! Why not surprise someone special?! You can find them at lenoeudpapillon.com.

Holiday ensemble detail.

Holiday ensemble detail.

Dressed for a holiday party, I’ve created a more formal look for my Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit by sporting the Le Noeud Papillon Majestic Black Set – bow tie and cummerbund, Tom Ford era Gucci lace trimmed ruffled tuxedo shirt, Tom Ford era Gucci black patent opera pumps, vintage black silk pocket square, a set of ruby and diamond shirt studs and cuff links by my exquisite friend, the artist and Renaissance man, Alexis Zambrano, red wool socks from Barney’s NYC, my fragrance is Creed Windsor (now Royal Mayfair), and a bit of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel for a sun-kissed glow.


  1. LA CONTESSA says:

    Have you thought of THAT?
    Love those GUCCI OPERA SHOES and the red socks!You do know that is how I met THE ITALIAN……..right?We both worked for GUCCI.My wedding shoes were MADE SPECIALLY for ME on my BIG DAY!ONE OF A KIND!I have them in lucite with my veil in my walk in closet………..
    Bottom line I would GO to the OPERA with YOU ANYDAY!

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Darling La Contessa,

    Of really ? Hmmmm – what should the topic be?

    I love the idea of doing a book when I find a fabulous old manse to restore and decorate – inter twined with the idea of manifesting our dreams and illustrating ideas on a life well lived- entertaining and sharing ones home with family and friends and lots of pets of course!

    How fabulous that the two of you met at Gucci and I can’t wait to see those shoes!

    Well next time you are in town – we will escort you to the opera – you in an outrageous satin opera cape – the drama of it all- will make for a fabulous story on our blogs.

    Happiest Holidays and A Joy Filled 2017



  3. Dean says:

    Maybe you don’t need a book- since you have the blog?
    TOTALLY channeling Duke of W in that shoes close-up!

  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    I think I would love to do a book – about my future dream house – as soon as I manifest that dream.

    And yes always finding endless inspiration from the Duke of Windsor!

    All Best


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