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James Andrew - photo Christian Fuchs

James Andrew – photo Christian Fuchs

The wildly talented Peruvian based artist Christian Fuchs and I spent a perfect autumnal Sunday this past weekend, strolling amidst the leaves in Central Park where he snapped this lovely portrait.

Over a fortifying brunch at Orsay, Fuchs shared his latest projects and ventures. He’s been quite busy in fact since the WIJW piece we did on him in 2011, with exhibitions at Pulse Miami, Scope Miami, and a handful of other art fairs including ARTBO: the Feria Internacional de Arte de Bogotá. He’s had exhibitions in Germany, Iran, Croatia, Costa Rica, and has shown at the Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile!

photo Christian Fuchs

photo Christian Fuchs

Imbued with a thick atmosphere of highly expressive nostalgia that verges on the surreal, Fuchs’ heavily manipulated work harks back to the turn of the century experiments in Pictorialism championed by such photographic groups as the Photo-Secessionists led by Stieglitz. Certainly there is more than a touch of German Romanticism to Fuchs’ aesthetic as well!

Excerpt from The Photographic Work of Christian Fuchs, WIJW 2011

photo Christian Fuchs

photo Christian Fuchs

photo Christian Fuchs

photo Christian Fuchs

The classic Fuchs portrait of me (top) conveys an interesting Bavarian / gothic revival sort of vibe I think. I’m wearing a vintage Lodenfrey loden cape, amber wool and silk challis paisley scarf, Uniqlo brown cashmere turtleneck sweater and slim jeans, Tom Ford brown leather tasseled loafers, vintage Rolex and my fragrance is Tom Ford, Oud.

For more information on Fuchs you can contact the artist himself at christianh.fuchs@gmail.com !


  1. Christiane von Könemann says:

    James Darling! I can´t believe he is back! I am in NY these days! Let´s meet, I would love to see his work, looking for some new things to put in my living room!



  2. Pearl Hammond says:

    Amazing work love it!

  3. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Dear James, Christian Fuchs is a genius, the atmosphere of his landscapes and portraits is otherworldly!

  4. Tom Cavendish says:

    James you look amazing, he really captured your essence!

  5. Petra Baroness von Schleinitz says:

    Mesmerizing pictures which seem from another world. Christian is an artist who gives a different perspective! His pictures transfer me into another magical century! Bravo!

  6. James Andrew says:

    Well my Dear Christiane,

    I cannot imagine anything more sublime than these peacocks!!!

    So much so that I had to have one for myself!



  7. Karena says:

    Fuchs’s portrait of you seems to be from another century, wonderful mood James! Excellent photographic art!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Pearl,

    Fuchs has the most exquisite eye and I am so thrilled to share his work!



  9. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Mara ,

    “Other Wordly” is certainly one of my favorite ways to describe Fuchs’ works.

    These highly romanticized images would certainly raise the level of most interiors to the sublime!



  10. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Tom Cavendish,

    Fuchs has a brilliant knack at finding the most perfect light and then with his masterful manipulation of color – he creates something rather sublime!



  11. James Andrew says:

    Darling Baroness von Schleinitz,

    Yes Fuchs’ images transport us to another era- which is certainly part of his magic!

    Much Love and All Best,


  12. James Andrew says:

    Darling Karena,

    Apparantly I am quite an old soul- been around forever- so perhaps Fuchs has just captured a bit of that via his sublime photos!

    Much Love


  13. Christian Fuchs says:

    My dearest James,

    Thank you so much for the nice words, you have a very sublime way to describe my work, hope to see you soon!

    Big Hug,


  14. Bill Fleming says:

    You look terrific and keep up the marvelous work.

  15. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Friend Christian Fuchs,

    If only you were in NYC more often- imagine all the exquisite images we could create together!

    Much Love and All Best,


  16. James Andrew says:

    Dear Bill Fleming,

    With such talented photographers it is no wonder!!!

    Many Thanks!!!


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