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James Andrew at the MET

James Andrew at the MET

Summer nights in town are the perfect time to explore museums and catch up on exhibitions — and happily many museums here have evening hours on Fridays, making them the most perfectly pleasant escape from the heat of the day. My beloved artist, Scott McBee, and I recently decided to go to the exceptional John Singer Sargent exhibit at the MET, Portraits of Artists and Friends.

John Singer Sargent at the METJohn Singer Sargent at the MET

John Singer Sargent at the MET

John Singer Sargent at the MET

John Singer Sargent at the MET

Sargent certainly does enthrall with his wildly confident stroke, his relaxed compositions, and all of those delicious details rendered in glorious, velvety globs of paint. As the title of the show suggests, we’re given a pretty comprehensive glimpse of his personal stuff, which, away from the pressures of his commissioned work — “no more mugs” he once said of his hired portrait work — shows us a series of sumptuously energetic and honest pieces. The collection, in a way, is the true Sargent — an artist who continually experimented while celebrating the visual world and the creative bunch that he called friends. Among the many really beautiful works I hadn’t had the opportunity to see in person until now, I was particularly thrilled to see Sargent’s portrait of his lifelong friend (and notable aesthete), Dr, Pozzi — definitely my favorite of all of Sargent’s works. McBee and I hit Mr. Chow for a bite afterwards, which was a fine choice — an elegant place amongst the glitterati to savor our thoroughly satisfying evening of fine art.

Dr. Pozzi -- John Singer Sargent at the MET

Dr. Pozzi — John Singer Sargent at the MET

Dressed for a night at the MET, I’m sporting a Tom Ford red cotton jacket and white cotton shirt with French cuffs, Seaman Schepps pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, Cassette citron yellow jeans, Ralph Lauren red crocodile belt with sterling buckle and needlepoint slippers, Charvet yellow and white retro print silk pocket square, Creed Pure White Cologne and a bit of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel to add that sun-kissed glow.

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  1. Karena says:

    James I love Sargent’s works of art, his portraits. That Stunning Dr. Pozzi, and you look great of course!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  2. Dean Farris says:

    Great post James!

  3. Brilliant!!!

    The same color as Dr. Pozzi’s robe! Where are those divine shoes from?

  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling Karena,

    Sargent certainly one of my favorites and whose work struck me at a very early age!

    Agreed – especially Dr Pozzi!

    Many Thanks


  5. James Andrew says:

    Thank You Darling Dean Farris!!!

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope Bianchi,

    Funny how these things work out with such sublime synchronicity!!!

    The shoes are a very limited run of needle point slippers by Ralph Lauren!



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