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James Andrew at the Met

James Andrew at the Met

Last night we were beyond thrilled to attend the opening night gala at the Metropolitan Opera House – the most sublime way to commence the Autumn season.

Scott McBee and I enjoyed a magnificent performance of Verdi’s Otello — the marvelous union of music and tragedy drawn from Shakespeare’s powerful cautionary tale of the distructive powers of jealousy. As expected, the performance and stage sets were spectacular – simply a not-to-be missed night at the opera!

Opening night at the Met

The Metropolitan Opera House

Thankfully most people did indeed dress up to celebrate this very special evening, however there were a few of the shorts and jeans type – pretty outrageous I think. I do wish the Met would require some level of decorum amongst its guests – at least for an opening night gala! When one considers how much effort goes into these productions, the least we can do is dress in a way that honors and celebrates this mutually shared aesthetic experience. Of course, my rant extends beyond the opera to the theatre, ballet, and fine restaurants as well. Enough said on this for now.

Opening night at the MET

Opening night at the Met

To celebrate this magical evening, I’m dressed (top) in a Tom Ford era black silk moire dinner jacket, Tom Ford wool tuxedo pants, dusty mauve cotton voile tuxedo shirt, silk pocket square in purple and lavender silk and patent leather opera pumps, Charvet mauve silk bow tie, Seaman Schepps black pearl cuff links, and my fragrance is Creed Millesime Imperial.

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  1. Karena says:

    James you look fabulous as always and I’m sure the production of Verdi’s Othello was breathtaking!

    It always disturbs me when people do not dress respectfully and appropriately for the occasion. I have seen jeans and casual wear in church, at anniversary parties, at events like the opera, symphony etc.

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

  2. Dean Farris says:


    You are the picture of a gentleman.
    I agree about the code, however, sometimes the richest people are also the biggest slobs!
    Or the most intellectual are not so style savvy.
    But a New York decorator of merit, such as James Andrew, needs to look spiffy and smart. And you do!


  3. Dean is perfectly correct! Decorators do need to lead the charge…and, I am hoping, sway the tide to taste in dressing (as well as decor!) It is all about how to “live” isn’t it?

    Not in “Slobbovia”! (Al Capp)!!

    You look elegant and divine as always!!

    Your admirer!

  4. Dean Farris says:

    Penelope is so right!

  5. James Andrew says:

    Dear Karena,

    Yes it is all rather disturbing – why some do not want to make an effort to look presentable – when attending a gala, experiencing a most sublime venue you like the MET , Fab restaurant etc.



  6. James Andrew says:

    Darling Dean,

    It is rather said that there has been such a decline in decorum!

    With many people feeling empowered to be slobs- all the more reason to bring back the “Dress Code”!



  7. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope Bianchi,

    Yes – perhaps we can lead the call – as loyal disciples of elegance and beauty in ALL its forms!

    We can elevate the standard and set the example- perhaps acting as educators.

    This does not have to be an “Elitist” thing – I saw many young men and women – dressed in vintage clothing and other chic confections that were not – typical- black tie ensembles – yet there was an elegance about it all.

    Love and Lots of Light


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