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James Andrew at home.

James Andrew at home.

Whether via a blog, Facebook or Instagram, it’s a personal thing putting oneself out there on the web. It’s a bit like inviting someone into your home, and there is a certain intimacy when I share my musings and rants on style and taste. I trust my readers won’t take any of these as judgments though, they’re simply my own personal opinions on living an elevated life! I do try to base the aesthetic opinions and ideas that I share expressly on what I’ve experienced, and what I think might be helpful to others, but that’s not to say our readership shouldn’t have some fun developing their own sartorial splendor!

Whether I’m expressing my thoughts on what to wear or on how to set one’s table, it has all been directed towards creating an elevated experience, and by that I mean creating beauty to nourish and soothe the soul! So you see, these aren’t simply superficial concerns – in fact the effects can be felt much deeper. For instance, when I find my thoughts going to dark places, I often turn to things that inspire me. They help me to start to tell myself a better story – all that we are really has so much to do with our thoughts! I find these fantasies I create are crucial to gaining a foothold as I climb out of the occasional depths. They help me to let go of the inevitable big/small disappointments and regrets that seem to come with being here on this planet. The happy consequence of a little shift in outlook more oft than not actually has huge positive benefits – life tends to respond to this more positive energy with similarly positive energy. Truly reality can change in an instant if your heart and mind is open!

I continue to be grateful to so many readers who stop in on us here at WIJW, and it is my wish that by sharing my journey – inviting you all into my home so to speak – I will continue to interest, amuse, and perhaps help to elevate the lives we touch!

James Andrew, detail.

James Andrew, detail.

James Andrew, detail.

James Andrew, detail.


  1. Kay Perret says:

    Thank you for this. Yes, beauty is essential to me as well. And you are so right about positive energy generating more positive energy.

    I appreciate the beauty and positive vibe of your not posts and musings.


  2. And so you do, as ever,
    Thanks and praise,
    Your ardent fan, Frances Schultz

  3. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Frances Schultz,

    Your praise means the world to me!

    Thrilled to have you as a fan my exquisite friend!



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