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James Andrew at the Antique and Artisans Center, Stamford

James Andrew at the Antique and Artisans Center, Stamford (click to enlarge)

I’m thrilled to announce that the refurbishment of Scott McBee’s Maisonette is finally underway!

We have almost all the plans for our initial go-round and are just fine tuning the architectural details.

With grand 12 foot ceilings, we’re lengthening the door to create more suitable proportions. New moldings and doors will be given classical detailing – everything executed in traditional high style.

The entry vestibule design will be inspired by the elevator vestibule at the Getty’s former 820 Fifth Avenue apartment which was decorated and designed by Parish-Hadley – our plan is a paneled and mirrored affair, creating that wow factor upon entering the space.

The living room walls will be lacquered a dark creosote brown, and the room will contain a mix of modern and antique pieces – in fact we’ve already purchased a Dupré Lafon style tub chair for the space!

The master bedroom will be a bit of an homage to Lee Radziwill’s London drawing room created by Renzo Mongiardino – that is, decorated a la Turquerie.

McBee’s art studio will have walls covered in cerulean blue billiard cloth – a most perfect setting for McBee’s extensive model ship collection which will be displayed on wall-mounted perspex shelving. We will be using an English brass rod and chain hanging system throughout so that the artworks on display can be rotated with ease. In total, his maisonette will be a brilliant backdrop, acting as a salon of sorts where guests will gather together for drinks and dinner, and can enjoy McBee’s visual genius.

It is all very exciting and we look forward to sharing some of the process along the way!

Photographed at the Antique and Artisans Center in Stamford – I am sporting a Tom Ford “Country Jacket” in a gray, brown and ivory tweed, a white cotton shirt, grey wool flannel pants, brown and ivory silk pocket square, brown leather tasseled loafers, Victorian Scottish banded agate cuff links, vintage Rolex and my fragrance Tom Ford Oud.


  1. OMIGOD!! How exciting!

    We will be visiting New York in May! I will send dates! I hope to see you both! (perhaps a peek at the Maisonette??) No problem if not possible!

  2. La Comtesse Lola says:

    James~How wonderful for Scott, and seriously, he must be your favourite client ever ; ) It’s also wonderful for us all, to be able to enjoy the process through your blog. You both are so talented, yet so gracious, always. You set the bar high, my darling, just don’t set it so high I can’t reach my martini! xoxo

  3. James Andrew says:

    Darling Penelope Bianchi,

    How very exciting!

    Would LOVE to see you of course- dinner at Majorelle perhaps.

    And yes let’s see where we are with the maisonette- at any rate you can either get a before,during or… glimpse of the place.

    All My Best


  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear La Comtesse Lola

    Don’t you worry there will be the most perfect sofa and cocktail table to enjoy a few martinis.

    We are rather excited and already finding pieces!

    Meeting with builders and hoping to get the process started ASAP

    Much Love


  5. I will be arriving in May… With Adam…….we arrive Sunday the 14th……and will leave the morning of the 19th!

    Will you be there? Let’s have dinner or lunch…..or whatever!

    We will be so happy to see you!

    Maisonette’s delight me! I have seen two in my life! One on Beekman when I was in prison (boarding school in Massachusetts); and another where Sister Parish used to live…….Lord have Mercy!! Maisonettes are my type!!!


  6. How about that rug in Stamford?? What is the story????? I love it!!!

  7. No! The rug is at your house! Probably not for sale!! Story????

  8. James Andrew says:

    Darling Penelope Bianchi

    The rug in my flat is actually a tapestry for my rug dealer here in NYC

    French Accents – they have the best things!

    Much Love


  9. Dean Farris says:

    Exciting news James!

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