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Anse du Gouverneur

James Andrew - Anse du Gouverneur.

Another favorite beach to visit while in Saint-Barth is the secluded Gouverneur – smaller than Saline but just as spectacular.

From here one might head over to Anse des Flamands. On your way there I wholeheartedly suggest a stop at La Langouste for their lobster salad – wash that down with rosé – and the coup de grâce? – the pineapple carpaccio flambeed with old rum of course!

Anse du Gouverneur

Pausing (top) for a shot at the dreamy seagrape gates to Gouverneur, I’m wearing a Michael Bastian Cuban-style guayabera shirt in white linen, H & M purple poplin shorts and black rubber Birkenstock sandals, Dior sunglasses, (not shown, a black Amalfi bikini).


  1. TatoOm says:

    Well, hello, this is my 1st time around and im sure it wont be the last. I just felt in love with your site, your style and everything I found here.
    Is so delightfull to see a man as stylish as you are and who also dares with fashion. Love the guayabera you’re wearing here and the way you match it with the shorts.
    Great , great style, congrats about all!!

  2. Abraham V. says:

    I LOOOVEEE de shots purple!!!!!!!

  3. My dear Idol James!

    Hugs from Mexico City

  4. James Andrew says:

    Hello TatoOm,

    Thank you for your lovely comment!

    I look forward to hearing more from you.



  5. DeanFarris says:


    I agree with TatoOm… your site is uplifting and fun ! I miss the decorating posts, but the travel is so very enriching, and so, I enjoy those as well. No doubt, you’ll be posting from the MOON soon… 🙂


  6. Ben says:

    I wish I could see some Robinson Les Bains trunks here… 😉
    Cool pictures!

  7. fran says:

    Where is the picture of you with the black Amalfi bikini? I cannot wait to see it!

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