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Dining at Maya's.

As one might have guessed, there is an abundance of culinary pleasures available on Saint-Barth where Dutch, Swedes, and French all bring the best of their respective cultures. Among the many exceptional restaurants here, Maya’s is a stand-out – Maya herself (who we had the great pleasure to speak with) remains wedded to the idea of making French Caribbean food from the freshest of indigenous ingredients and presenting them in the simplest, most pleasing way. Scrumptious cuisine, a beautiful seaside setting, and a truly handsome staff all coalesce at Maya’s – making it the perfect island dining experience. We loved it so much we went twice on our rather short stay! It comes as no surprise that Maya’s has been the destination of choice for those in the know for over twenty-five years.

In a classic throwback shot, I’m sporting a cotton voile shirt in white turquoise and black, cotton sateen pants and belt in black patent and silver leather trim with grommets all by Gucci, Lanvin sneakers and my fragrance is Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse by Creed.


  1. DeanFarris says:

    Hi James,

    What a charming image. I can’t wait to get to SB and try out this Mayas…

    It looks like some of the places on St Martin that I love


  2. Brian Cook says:

    Love the “throw-back” shot!! Perfect.


  3. Sounds scrumptious!

    Where’s the Creed?!?

  4. SQUI says:

    Love the black and white.
    Timeless appeal!

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